To all K-ballers

how do you keep your wrist from moving

You have to have great focus to keep the wrist stiff, I don’t know how to explain it. However, after I’m absolutely sure that the ball is off my finger tips entirely I break the wrist, it’s more muscle memory now then anything for me.

Does you guys knuckleballs actually move? Because last time I got thrown a knuckleball it didnt spin at all (or move) and I hit a double

Well sometimes they just won’t move. Or maybe this one didn’t have enough velocity for the air currents to move through the seams.

I’ll get drop/downward cut but not much wobble on the way. Too much side spin.

Yeah try to avoid much side spin or backspin.

If any spin at all forward is probably okay to have. The drop at the end is a good thing and remember, just because you don’t see dancing doesn’t mean that the ball isn’t swooping at all.