TJ surgery for shoveling snow

not kidding I’m thinking about getting TJ just so that I can clear snow faster from the driveway here in Boston where I live. Think it will help?? :slight_smile:

If you had timed it properly, you would have gotten the surgery 3 weeks ago, before all of this snow, then had someone else shovel it for you while you ‘rehabbed’.

I can only say that I appreciate my snow thrower and that with the expected low temperatures over the next few days, I don’t want to be outside any longer than necessary. The air temps will be -20 degrees F and with wind chills…well, we won’t go there. It’s going to be bone-chilling when the 50 MPH winds get added to that predicted air temp.

Six days, I believe until Pitchers and Catchers! Hurry up, Spring!!!