TJ Surgeries Report--Shocking Data


ESPN report

These are on the rise and people are actually opting to have the surgery before ligament failure. Pitchers are under the false assumption that it improves performance and that these surgeries will last. Pitchers throw 5% fewer fastballs post-surgery than before. Are they really confident in the repair? Are they trying to develop new strategies to perhaps increase their longevity?
One third of the revision surgeries came less than 3 years from the original surgery. Considering it’s 1 year of rehab before they throw again, that’s only 2 years of work before needing to repeat the surgery. 1 out of 5 NEVER RETURN! 33% OR 1 out of 3 return for fewer than 10 games! Kids should know this. I know I did not know these numbers before reading the article.
The majority that have the surgery do not improve velocity when compared with pre-surgery velocities. Those who do show improvement usually get that bump because their post surgery training regimen was far superior to their pre-surgery training process. Essentially, they were relatively lazy before their first surgery when you stack it against the intense rehab done post surgery.
More repeat surgeries done in the last 3 years than in the last 10 years makes this urgent for MLB.
What I’d like to know is what causes the wild difference between the Chicago White Sox with 7 surgeries and the Atlanta Braves with 23. Is it a drafting issue or a coaching issue? Are the traits and mechanics that lead to TJ desirable to scouts? Does it mean that a talented pitcher has more likelihood of eventually needing TJ? So, would you consider the Braves to have drafted better or worse than average? Shelf life after TJ seems to be a big unknown. Teams are more inclined to draft a pitcher who has had or is likely to need TJ than they were ten years ago. Perhaps this change in strategy is now catching up to MLB judging from the rise of revision surgeries.


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