TJ Rehab Throwing

My doctor decided to “leave” before I could get a throwing program for rehab from TJ. Anyone have one or know where I could get one? I searched online but found a couple but most were pretty vague.

Thanks for any help

Have you thrown yet? I can guide you through a program if you can let me know where youre at physically with physical therapy.

Haven’t started yet. I know each case is different but I feel I’m left outside and the bells ringing. I’m 16 weeks post op and haven’t begun yet. I’ve been doing nice and easy wrist snaps but thats pretty much it.

I would suggest asking on ASMI’s forums

Thanks for the info. Found it earlier and posted on it. Just didnt know if someone had one just lying around


Well what you are going to want to do are dry flat ground pitching motions with a small towel, if you havent already do wrist and forearm strengthening exercises. A good one is to hold the bat by its handle with your forearm resting on your leg with the bat pointing up and slowly roll your wrists from left to right you might have to choke up a little at first. Throwers 10. If this has been followed you can start light toss 10-15 yards 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks.