titanium necklaces


It’s jd who is scamming you, not me. These phony stories of Kenyan wealth are mostly coming from Florida and other unscrupulous places.

I am still eagerly awaiting your $500 cash deposit so that I may be enabled to conduct only the most honest and lucrative business practices with you.

In fact, here is my 100% guarantee: For $500 I will give you the business. No strings attached.



(yessssssss) :slight_smile:


Where is this…Fl…ori…da? If you are not interested in the untold wealth I offer then perhaps I can interest you in being my American cash receiving agent, we need honest Americans that will recieve receipts totally 10 million American into their bank accounts for me Mr Ibeen Repofv of Western Congo…just send me your banking information immediately please.


No Bakers, don’t listen to these scammers. Here’s the deal, You just won a free trip to Hawaii! You and a guest will stay at our tropical resort of Maui! Please just send me your Credit Card Information and a Soc Number and we’ll get you all setup in our suite!


Alright, Hammer and jd,

It’s apparent to me that we need to stop this pointless bickering and merge our business models, vast resources, and our boundless creativity to form a completely new venture:

TitaniumVision, Inc.

Since we can legally shorten our name to “TV” we will always be within our rights to tell potential suckers, er…clients, that our beautiful products are fully endorsed by TV celebrities.

Then, we get jd to legally change his name to “Paris Hilton”…you can do that sort of thing in Florida, no questions asked.


Ah but in San Fran you can[size=18] BE[/size] Paris Hilton (As a man , women or variation of each) and no questions will be asked :shock:
I like your angle though…Hammer could be our enforcer…I mean Customer Service Associate…could be a big winner…


Hey, do you think you might be interested in using my kid as a poster child for what miracles Titanium can perform. He even went to the extreme of having a nuerosurgeon implant five titanium plates in his skull at age 11. He couldn’t throw to save his rearend before that but after…he’s been a veritable Randy Johnson.

Heck you could sell a whole line of products:

The titanium vitamin supplement
The titanium reinforced protein mix
The titanium pierced tongue ball bearing: time released titanium for the entire season


Ok Laflippin you have some great points.But clearly it doesn’t work for youuuuuuuuuuu. I think i helps with my headaches and since i’ve had the x30 i have had less headaches.
I would also like to add that migraines are genetically in my family.
But some think that headaches are all physcological to.

Does anyone know if they have and all white one with Red in it. I see them in pictures on websites but not for sale…
Help me out here people.

If winning isn’t everything then why do we keep score.
-Vince Lombarte-



It’s fine with me if you want to believe that titanium necklaces have special powers.

I do kind of hope you don’t try to substitute the power of titanium for a good orthopedist, if you happen to need one, but that’s your choice too…

By the way, I think you are probably trying to quote Vince Lombardi, not “Vince Lombarte”…