titanium necklaces

Do those titanium necklaces really work the kind that all the pros have?

They work a lot at first but after about two weeks it only works ok. But I’ve had mine since june and it still works ok. It mainly relaxes the shoulders. So if your arm is hurting, in about an hour or so your arm pain will be nearly gone. Also if your wearing it to school and you have nothing to do, because you finished the assignment, then twiddling the necklace is a good time passer.

"So if your arm is hurting, in about an hour or so your arm pain will be nearly gone. "

----------------Ummmm, I’ve got a titanium bridge that I’ll sell you.

Look guys, if you think titanium necklaces look cool, or if they are fun to twiddle when you’re bored, go ahead and buy one. Heck, buy a dozen, they’re probably cheaper that way.

But, if you think that titanium has some kind of mystical healing power, you need to wake up from the dream you’re living in.

Over the centuries, scammers have sold a great variety of supposedly “medically active” metal products to unwary buyers, who are usually desperate to try anything to cure or enhance themselves in some way.

Sales in this market niche depend entirely on the P.T. Barnum business model: “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

Titanium metal is no more medically relevant to any human condition than copper metal, iron magnets, or amulets made of iridium.

good post la flippin
its psychology is all that the companies are doing
It is scientifically proven that if you are given a pill that does nothing that is supposed to cure your headache then you will think that it is working and the headache will be "gone"
don’t be cheated out of your money

Sure its the “placebo effect” (taking a sugarpill and thinking it cures whatever). I’ve been wearing the Phiten necklace since after high school because its another piece of flare that I can wear and hell if it makes me FEEL like im getting better than I will get better. Its kind of like your mind telling your body that this thing around your neck is going to relax you and in the end…your relaxed. Now physically there are times when I wear the necklace and then take it off and my neck gets colder than when I wear it but it might just be the weight of the necklace. Now with the copper wristbands and stuff…the only thing it did to me was turn my wrist green. Neat trick :slight_smile:

yeah i see what your saying.
haha whats stopping you from wearing a rubberband on your wrist and writing phiten? :lol:

These things reminded me of “ ya gotta have it” stuff that was going around when I was playing ball.

At that time there was a guy by the name of Ted Williams, and he promoted a soft drink called Moxie. The slogan was … “ ya gotta have Moxie!” In other words you got to have tough stuff, real guts, be able to stick it out.

Every kid in my neighborhood played ball as a right of passage, and anything that the big leaguers did… well it had to be good, so… let’s do it to. Wearing the right T-sheets, eating Cream of wheat for breakfast, drinking V8, and no self respecting kid of that era would be without a crew cut, or slicker’d down with Bryllcreme - a little dab 'll do ya!

But the Moxie thing was pure ball. If you expected to claim a spot on any dugout bench… ya better have your Moxie bottle … because Tex Williams said so. And every kid from the Cape to Peoria, Illinois had the stuff. And every kid would pop the cap … take a make-believe sip… and then sung the cap back on. After a practice or game … the trash barrel was full of the stuff. It tasted like warmed over cough syrup. YECK! AND YECK, AGAIN!

For years I wondered how Williams could stomach the stuff. But, if it was good enough for him… well, bottoms up.

My father once asked me why I drank the concoction anyway? When I said because Ted Williams drank it, he asked me if I would jump off a building if Ted Williams did. I was going to respond with … only if it got my average up… but …. during those times, one didn’t push the buttons with one’s father.

Coach B.

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the necklace make your body feel a little cooler…other than that they just look cool i guess lol

And speaking of placebos, here’s a classic example. Back in the '40s and '50s there was an outfielder named Paul Lehner who played for the St. Louis Browns (remember them?) and a couple of other teams. He was a good outfielder. But at one time he suddenly became convinced that he couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield on Sundays. It had nothing to do with religious or other scruples; he just became convinced that he was unable to hit the ball out of the infield on Sundays—like a jinx. Well, one day the team’s trainer approached him and got him to talk about the Sunday jinx. The trainer then told him that a famous doctor had discovered some new pills that were supposed to help hitters, and he had ordered a supply, and when they arrived Lehner should quietly give them a tryout.
The pills arrived. Now, there was a Sunday doubleheader scheduled. Before the first game Lehner went behind the dugout and swallowed two of them. In that first game he started out 0-for-3 and began to wonder if those pills were any good—and then, in his fourth time at bat, he blasted a tremendous home run over the fence. In the second game he went 4-for-4, including another home run. So much for the jinx.
And so we add titanium necklaces, braceletss, what have you, to the growing list of placebos and other psychological means of curing hitting slumps, etc., etc.:slight_smile:

But hey… that’s a good thing right?

I don’t think there is any harm in the placebo effect when it gives someone a psychological boost. But, here’s the thing: You only get a placebo effect if you really do believe that the treatment you receive is something real, something of actual value.

In fact, it’s the human participants in the “placebo success” stories that really make the difference…if a trusted, authoritative person tells you: “This ___ is going to work, it’s going to help you”, then the placebo effect can sometimes work very well (for certain types of issues). That’s the crux of Zita’s story–a trusted coach was necessary for the “hitting pills” to have any effect.

But, if you place your trust in anonymous internet advertisers that tell you, “use my titanium bracelet, it will help ease the pain in your sore throwing arm”…well, that’s just sad, and it’s also potentially dangerous for your health. If you believe in the power of titanium bracelets to cure real physical problems, there is probably no limit to the scams you may fall prey to.

In fact, I’d guess that the titanium bracelet makers probably make a secondary profit by selling their customer lists to the “lose-40 lbs-in-two-weeks” fly-by-nighters and the Nigerian e-mail scammers…

Can you please help me? I need a small compensation fee just to access my bank account and leave my country. I am a very wealthy man and you will be greatly rewarded for your assistance. If you give me 3,000 dollars to access my account, I can give you 50% of my earnings that I have obtained through my various stocks and such. Just insert your credit card number it here and the deposit will be made…



If I give you $6000 can I have 100% of the earnings from your stocks and oil wells?

Your future business partner,



You have Visa or Mastercard? American Express?

Credit cards? Credit cards ?!! I don’t need no stinkin’ credit cards…

You’re talkin’ to His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Nigeria, buddy…

For merely $500 cash deposit, I will allow you (as my new and most trusted Foreign Advisor) to have complete access and control of my personal bank account in Zurich. The funds therein are worth considerably more than $6000, that was only a small number that I used to test your honesty.

Please send me the token deposit of $500 immediately, so that I can make you rich beyond your dreams.

(P.S. If you send the $500 before midnight tomorrow you will receive also a beautiful handmade titanium bracelet, guaranteed 100% or more.

Those are the ones that make you pitch better right?

Of course they do. Would I lie to my most trusted Foreign Advisor??

But did you both know my beloved passed away in Kenya and left you both 1.95 million dollars American?
Why if you just send me an $8000.47 handling and transfer fee I will forward to the bank of your choices all of the rest of the funds. :smiley:

(break from roleplaying)

Hmmm… it seems that you two are better at this than me. I think I’ve only gotten one email scam so I’m not quite up to date on the scamming tactics.

You two, on the other hand, have a lot more believable stories. :lol: