Titanium necklaces

they say that these reduce stress on your arm and help you recover faster. anybody try this and have it help them?

Search this site for “Phiten” and you’ll find past discussions on this topic.

Don’t waste your money on those titanium products. Its all pseudoscience. Just a waste of money.

All the pitchers on our team have the phiten necklaces. They are for the baseball look 8)

bah i wore 1 for a few months bcuz it looked good lol it does nothing for your pitching or even your wellbeing. nothing to it, but people will know that you play ball lol

Poor mechanics are a result of a,b,c and no necklace is going to make that go away. These necklaces, bracelets, and other materials that these companies sell are just for look playing ball with many guys including myself that have used them at the professional level, I, we, whoever i have interacted with have never seen any major improvements on or off the field with these.

I think you have to be completely naive to buy one of these things with the mind set that it will actually do anything.