Tips or suggestions?

5’8" 140 lbs

Would like to throw harder



While going into the balance point bring the leg parrallel or higher from the ground and towards the tghrowing hand then explode to the plate

thanks for the suggestion.

does anyone believe that throwing 90mph is a learned thing or a genetic thing? like you have to be born with the a certain gene?

Yep genetics in that your parents imbue you with determination and desire…with that…not much is beyond reach. It all comes down to what are you willing to put into it and lose as a result of your sacrifice…some fall away at just short…some never get close…some…well they make it.

do you pitch like that instead of the windup or only when someone is on base?

usually pitch from the stretch. with or without runners on base.

usually pitch from the stretch. with or without runners on base.[/quote]

Me too, I just find it more comfortable.

use your body

I pitch out of the stretch too, much easier with the knuckleball to go from the stretch.

i pitch from the stretch too

but when theres no1 on base i have a slow high leg kick and when theres runners on base i use a slide step

but in regards to your question

u might want to look into a higher leg kick to get that momentum going forwards more. right now u just kind of step like your walking

take a look at joel zumayas slide step, he still has a bit of a knee life, its not an actual ‘step’

when there’s no runners on base I can do a regular high kick, but with runner’s on base, I try to vary my deliveries. ie. mixing up my slide step with a regular delivery. This is to give the runners something to think about and not expect one or the other.

You should have sometime time you several times during a slide step delivery and a normal leg kick delivery and see if the ball gets there quicker with a slide step…I doubt that it does. Time from the beginning of delivery to the catcher’s mitt.

You look like your in a hurry to get to the plate and get very little power from your back leg.

I think you can stride out farther…should give you more velocity and control.