Tips on my pitches

My pitches are
Cut fastball (looks like a slider)
Sinker (dies)
Curve (it’s a good 0-2 pitch)
2-seam ( it gets people out)

All of my pitches are accurate. I can throw them hard (little league) or softer (travel ball) I am 11 should I add or take out any pitches i am currently working on a circle change

I would drop the sinker for the time being; it doesn’t seem to be working as well as your other stuff. You do need a changeup; all your other stuff consists of power pitches, so the changeup needs to be quite a bit slower than your other pitches—by all means, work on that changeup and perfect it. If you’re having a problem with the circle change, you can try using the C-change, which is easier to throw and to control. I don’t know what your arm slot is, but if it’s working for you and if you can get those pitches in there for strikes, stay with it, and don’t let anyone try to change it. 8) :slight_smile:

Ok I have been thinking about dropping the sinker cause its less accurate

By all means, put that sinker on the shelf if it isn’t doing what you want it to do. Work on the changeup. As Mickey Rivers, who played centerfield for the Yankees for several years, once said, "Ain’t no use worryin’… You have a good arsenal to work with as it is, and that cut fastball could be a real killer—look at what Mariano Rivera did with it. So go to it! 8)

Thanks zito appreciate the help 8)

Good advice, Zita. Remember to keep that fastball the primary focus. Everything works off it, which means you’ve got to continue to throw it a lot to develop it.

I definitely agree with Zita here. At the next level of baseball and once you get to high school ball, they’ll look for a pitchers who can control 2-3 pitches. I always thought it was harder for me to work on controlling 5 pitches all at once then working on my fastball and changeup and mastering those. Once you spend a lot of time on your primary pitches and really master those and still see the need to develop another pitch, that’s when you can add another one to your arsenal. 2-3 great pitches are always going to be better than 5 average pitches.