Tips on my mechanics?

I threw a light bullpen couple days ago, is there anything wrong with my mechanics that could benefit me?

Here’s the video : Streamable Video

Thanks a lot

Things that jump out to me.

First, I would encourage you start from a more closed position, think showing a portion of the number on your jersey to the batter. Not overly extreme.

Second, it looks like your flying open with your stride foot. This will pull your hips open, and make maintaining shoulder hip seperation harder. Try straight or even slightly closed

Third, but probably the most noticable to me. Better control with the glove hand. I like to teach keeping it up and right in front of the center of your chest through the entire delivery. This will help prevent early and over rotation.

Fourth, at the begining it appears you are squating into your back/push leg. If I was coaching you, I would encourage a more lateral move with the back leg, than a squat.

Just what my eyes see. Hope it helps.

You start with the Inverted-W and then you “throw a dart” not a baseball. There are cures for this based on physics in connection with human biomechanics. That’s what I do as a physics professor involved with the Physics of Sports. Some people call me The Nutty Professor of Sports. I don’t mind because I know what they do not.

This is the second time (I noticed) you misspelled the word “separation” not “seperation.” Good spelling makes you look smarter. Poor spelling just the opposite. Helpful words of advice - I hope…

Very helpful. Thanks for pointing it out!

That’s alright…