Tips on getting more movement on a 2 seam?

I want to throw a 2 seam but when i do i get no movement. so all it realy does for me is take off mph. Does anyone have thoughts on how to increase my 2 seam movement.

    5/8 160 lbs 13 low seventies on 4 seam

My two seam does the same so dont worry. Im also trying to figure it out.

I figured out why my 2seamer has no action once so ever… My 2 seamer always comes off of my index and middle finger… I read it is suppose to come off your thumb.

Is this true?

its supposed to come off your right knee


He’s joking. And there’s no way it comes off your thumb last. You want it to tail or sink, make it come off your middle finger. This way you get on the “inside” of the baseball. Your middle finger is also your strongest finger.

Hmm I must of mis-read it then…

different arm angles make different movement try some dif angles

Maybe I dont need to throw it… Cause I can come inside on guys with no problem… hmm… May just try throwin the 2 seamer for awhile instead of throw 4s and 2s combined.

Pronation Pronation Pronation Pronation Pronation.
In case you havent figured it out, a 2 seamer requires pronation.

Does anyone have a lil miniclip of pronation… Cause whenever i read a definition of it… It sounds like itll hurt.