Tips on Changeup Control and Movement


I am working on a change up and I find on some days I can control it and it has great movement. Most day however, I can’t. Any tips on grips or developing it. I am looking for things that will help me throw it 1) 7+ mph slower 2) Good location and 3) good movement. I throw from a fairly over the top arm slot and I don’t want to change it if that’s a suggestion. Thank you


What grip do you currently use?


I would first, whatever grip you use, when you warm up throw every other throw with that grip, it gets your hand comfortable with it. Next to me the easiest way to take speed off your pitch is try to keep your weight back as long as possible. Try to keep your foot on the rubber and extra second. I teach to bury the ball in your hand and let it roll out, releasing out front. Last, you need to believe in your change up. It isn’t a pitch you throw hoping to hit the zone. You need to throw it with confidence, if you don’t you tend to aim it by slowing your motion down. I love teaching the change up, once pitchers learn it it’s a huge weapon.


to get comfortable with your change up, how it works, the feeling of your release, the spin, sink and run of it and just the over all knowledge of how your change works you need to use change up grips in long toss anytime you throw. once you work out to about 90 feet and your arm is nice and loose, begin throwing your change. tgen work it back to 105 then farther back to 120. maybe about 1 - 1/2 minutes at each distance. then continue going back with your normal fastball grip. that’s how I do mine, but it’s ultimately what works best for you, just make sure you throw it the exact same as your fastball, period. and really get out there with it and just grip it and rip it. incorporating your change up into long toss will make you feel very confident with it on the mound


I use a circle change.


Ok, then to maximize control, make sure thumb and middle finger cut the ball in half and tuck the index finger down the side of the ball only as far as flexibility allows. Don’t offset your grip just to make a tight little circle.

Then pronate the pitch.