Tips for control increase

I have some very good moving pitches, but my fastball’s speed isn’t anything amazing. I usually have good control, but on some days, it is not as good as it needs to be. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/ ways/ suggestions to increase overall control. Workout ideas are also accepted (if they will help control)

make sure your head doesnt move or if it does very little. this usually works for me

So no Okajima style and look at the dirt after throwing ? lol…

throw more often at less intensity (about 70%) to develop more touch and feel with your pitches.

Contol usually comes not only from good mechanics, but in the right
sequence and timing. Here is a very good review article on pitchiing.
Read it over. Then practice what it says. Even dry drill. You don’t need
to throw to work on mechanics. Under search type
baseball throwing. The volume is 6. Good luck.


Here’s a drill that I use with my boys; regardless of age, I think this is good drill.

If you throw from 60 feet-move up to 35-40 feet and throw. Once you have thrown 5 strikes in a row, move back 5 more feet. Keep doing this until you get to the full distance that you are used to. The key to this is, don’t change your velocity-keep it the same. Once you change your velocity ithis drill won’t help.

Something that may work is to count the total number of pitches it took you to get to the game distance, then try and improve on that number each time you do the drill.

Sounds simple, but it does help.

Good luck,


Thanks bob, I’ll have to try it this weekend.

You know what i noticed when im pitching is that my control is great when im just trying to get it over the plate and when i throw full steam… i can smack any spots i want… but i’m only gonna go full steam maybe 15 times each game… My elbow can stand going full steam the whole game lol