Tips for Camps and Showcases

During the rest of the summer, I will be attending a few camps/showcases.
Just wanted to know if there are any tips or suggestions that I should know about.

If you pitch, don’t pay attention to the radar guns. And for BP don’t try to hit home runs every time. Just do what you do best and stay constant with your mechanics.

I disagree. You do need to impress on the radar gun especially if you are going to these big schools and big showcases. If you are just another normal pitcher you’ll get overlooked by the bigger schools.

i agree with redwingpitcher. most of the players there will try to impress scouts by throwing as hard as you can.

pitch within yourself. you will have better control, movement, and mechanics that scouts will notice. if just focus on the radar gun you will risk those important aspects of pitching even at a showcase

trust me dude you want to be LIGHTING up the radar guns dude.

Honestly if you are 16 years old and throw lets see 75mph with average control you will get looked past. But if you are throwing 90mph with not so good control you will probaly be picked up. Trust me you can throw slow and hit every single damn target and you won’t get picked up.

Same thing happened with me i threw 79-80mph. I am 17 years old and i didn’t get much look at even though i hit the plate. I then started long tossing more and doing more weightlifting i now topped out at 87mph and average about 85mph and plan to get looked at for NCAA teams.

I look at it like a few different ways and you have to figure out your best assests and what you can bring to the table best. Coaches are looking for a few types of players there always looking for hard throwers who they can mold into superstars because control is easier tought then velocity theres a lot of things like natural arm whip size that will set your baseline for velocity. Sure you can improve velocity a bit over the 4 years but not as much as control can be.

So basically coaches look at guys that light up the radar gun as projects sometimes they dont have the best control and they try to change that then theres the more sure fire bets the ones with good control solid offspeed who you can count on to not walk batters pitch to contact and eat innings.

Id like to say velocity gets noticed more because for some reason most people live by faster is better.