Tipping of the Cap


In baseball there is a tradition of tipping the cap,
for plays that are great, and things like that.
A custom that has endured for years,
for generations, with cheers and tears.
An acknowledgement of class and style,
that reach of the cap with a kindred smile.
A courtesy, a custom more of respect than show,
To say to another, “nice job Mack, I know.”
Baseball is funny like that, they say,
on any give field, on any given day.
So when you see someone reach,
for that corner of their hat,
smile and share – a tipping of the cap.



The hat tip commonly used as a greeting or way to subordinate oneself as a sign of respect for another.

Babe Ruth was often seen tipping his cap as he touched home and jogged toward the dugout after a regal rounding of the bases subsequent to hitting a homerun. Ty Cobb was said to have disdain for the whole tradition; even the popularity of the homerun which was infused into the game by The Babe.

I was sitting at an old concrete and steel baseball field that used to be used for a single A affiliate baseball team. In center field beyond the fence loomed a large brick building the smoke stack reaching far into the air. It seemed impossible but local legend had it that Babe Ruth once played on this field and had hit a monsterous homerun over the smokestack.

I visualized The Babe touching home and looking toward me, a tip of the hat and then disappearing into the concrete oven of a dugout. I tipped my hat back. :hi: