Tipping my cap to the Big Z

No, No, No, No…No no no no…hey hey hey, my guy! 8)

36 years since a Cub threw a no no. I’d say it is a solid come back for Carlos after inflamming his shoulder.
So what do you guys think he did to cause the inflamation or was it just over-use?

Yep. And coming back from the injury to pitch the no no was huge too. Course there is some luck involved, but Z looked just plain on last night.

Yeah I watched that. Loved the pitches, and he was still tossing a good 96 at the end of the night. The splitter is crazy.

What did you get to watch it on?
ESPN down here had the White Sox- Detroit game… :pullinghair: :shocking: :mad: They didn’t cut to it or even mention it…stinkin Joe Morgan…I give John Miller a break but Morgan? :nono:

I often wonder how Joe Morgan is a hall of famer with some of the things that come out of his mouth. Unreal.


Zambrano pitched like the pitchers of the 60’s and 70’s that I remember as a kid (Gibson, Marichal, Drysdale, Ryan, etc). WITH CONVICTION! I don’t see that level of intensity from alot of starters these days. I think they are almost too comfortable with the concept of failure. Zambrano is a throwback and a refreshing one at that.

It’s your turn JD…Cubs this year… :smiley:

He was an outstanding 2nd baseman and deserving of his HOF status…but for them to fire Rush Limbaugh and then keep this complete hack is beyond believable…the game he called when Maddux went against Schmidt was notable as to what a complete idiot he really is…he kept saying Maddux was done, Maddux was old, Maddux should retire…Maddux threw one of the great games in baseball history! 79 Pitches in 8 innings…it was a masterpiece I only wish I had it on video…I could make a career teaching off of that one game.

I agree Dino…passion and attitude these two guys brought to the mound…as well as The Express is rare…maybe Beckett and Carlos throw that way.

When I first heard that my inital reaction was what, Zambrano threw a no hitter!? I don’t know everything about him but know about his fantastic sinker and I figured he was more of a ground ball guy. Then I heard 10k’s. Isn’t this pretty low for a no hitter? I haven’t seen any so I really wouldn’t know but damn my hats off to him for throwing a good no hitter and using the team to get some outs also.

The Cubs played a good defensive game as well, at least one (the liner to first) and maybe another hit to right field had a chance, but they backed him up all the way. They even put out a better defensive lineup in the 9th just to make sure.