Tipping, interesting explanation

Found this on the Cubs site but it’s a link to the MLB channel. What a great hi level discussion of this topic;


If a guy on my team ever did what A-Rod is accused of doing in this new book, I’d literally punch him in the face. I can’t believe that!

Me too, but how would you communicate it to the other team? I mean I understand what Barry Larkin said re; Tony Gwynn in the vid (Which was inadvertant), but think about it, unless he said it out loud or somehow made it clear, would you as a batter think you were being tricked or dieked? I don’t know, I wouldn’t want Big Poppy putting the slam on me and there were some rather big boys playing for the Rangers…don’t you think Pudge would have noticed it or even the if coach? I just can’t see how it could have been colluded on without someone else figuring it out or dropping the bomb on his head. See how obviously and quickly it pisses people off…just the notion of it could get a broken leg…I mean if I’m a pitcher and the best guy on my team is throwing it…well best I could do is say plunk me the oppo’s numba one guy so Mr. Rod would be at minimum bruised up.

A-Roid aside wasn’t that just about the very best discussion ever on how pitches can be tipped and in house stuff about who calls pitches?

I was thinking about that, too, JD. I think the way you could do it tip off spots, not pitches. In other words, the 3rd baseman would take a step toward the bag if the pitch was coming inside (like a RHP changeup to a RHH). And take a step toward shortstop if it was an outside pitch, like a CB or an outside FB…

Or instead of taking a step, you just bend one knee or the other, etc.

I don’t know. But it seems to me that if you’d be willing to take steroids, it’s not much of an “ethical” stretch to think that the same guy might tip pitches for a friend on another team and vice versa.

[quote]But it seems to me that if you’d be willing to take steroids, it’s not much of an “ethical” stretch to think that the same guy might tip pitches for a friend on another team and vice versa[/quote].

Thus A-Rod has and will have problems from now on…all self-inflicted. I have no sympathy at all…except he is obviously losing his eye-sight…Madonna is a beast these days :shock: [size=9]jd apologizes for this obviously mean statement but it was just too easy…[/size]

I just thought the video was so startlingly honest and wonderful shop talk that our posters just had to see it. I never could have guessed another player on the field would be calling pitches…
I get all fired up when I learn something like that and just can’t help sharing :lol:
Ignite them brain cells…get some inspiration and throw it out there for this great crew.

I have no doubts…it’s been done. A-Roid is the exact personality type to engage in such a thing. He is primarily interested in himself, period. The team be damned, his perception is thorugh his own sucess. Therefore it makes perfect sense to engage in a conspiracy with another player to tip pitches to each other in order to boost stats which …boosts salary. I don’t think it is a coincidence that A-Roid has not been influential in the outcomes of post-season play. These are games you are not likely to receive the benefit of pitch tipping. His lack luster performance is not a coincidence. A-Roid may be the biggest cheat in the history of baseball. He needs to have a blanket party.

But what do I know? I feel like the yankee fan who paid full price for a seat that only provides half view of the playing field. Wow, thanks for the tv monitor so I can see the game.

Does anyone feel like a whole generation of players have formed a gang and taken the game hostage milking it for all the money they can get and leaving it to die in a dark, wet alley?

Sorry, I get grumpy sometimes… :wink: