Tingling feeling after throwing

Hey i was wondering why after i completed my 100 pitch workouts sometimes with around 20-30 weighted toss throws i feel this tingling feeling from my shoulder to my elbow. Its not a pain its just a tingling feeling. Should i continue my workouts is that normal??

Do you feel that when you do not use the weighted balls?

Do you feel that pain/tingle anyother time ever?

it feels like that both when I use or don’t use weighted balls after workouts and no i have never felt it before just after i workout. Is it because the workout is too heavy or what???

There’s no possible way you should have 100 pitch workouts… and then throw weighted balls???

My arm would fly off to the plate! Take it easy on that program man, remember throwing is an unnatural motion no matter what mechanices you use. You can gain arm strength through 30-40 throw long toss program. Right now your only going to lose velocity if you hurt yourself.

It could be a nerve problem. You might want to rest for a week or so and if the problem continues after that go see a sports doctor.

Numbness is usually indicative of nerve issues - most likely ulnar nerve, in your case. Need to screen for restrictions at a lot of sites at the forearm, elbow, shoulder, neck, and cervical spine.

You can also get numbness from labral pathologies. These are usually a bit more transient and come and go after throwing.

Not a good idea to mess around with either of them. Get to a good doctor.

i dun think it’s a problem if this was like the beginning of the weighted ball program cause i had the same thing before at the begining of the weightd ball program it cause ur arm isn’t use to it yet.