Timnumber5's Quest for College baseball and the draft

Hey guys i have been absorbing knowledge from here for a while now and i am ready to make my log.
Personal Information:
Height: about 5’7’'
Average fastball speed: low 70’s.
Positions:P, OF, 1B.
Best 3 mile time: 21:56.
Next August i will be going into my Sophomore year.
Im am currently playing on a scout team.
GPA: 4.1.
Dream College: Florida State.
Goal for velocity in HS: 84-87mph

  Ok, today i woke up around 8:40 and ran 1.5 miles. and later i did around 150 pushups. and a small amount of abs. Around 5 i threw a bullpen with my dad, i did ok , control was a little off, but my new cutter was devastating.
 Then i came home and ran a 1.5 miles in 11:58 so that was alright my stomach was hurting, and i decided not to lift weights because of my stomach. (too much soda im not drinking soda anymore)  and thats it. 
 Tommorow i will do my upper body lifting, running, 200 pushups,a lot of core exercises, and then hit off of a tee. tell me what you think.

Yesterday i did my upperbody lifting which is
3x10 lateral raises
3x10 anterior raise
3x10 bench press
3x12 bicep curls
3x15 tricep dips
3x8 bent over rows

Then i did my 200 pushups, and my core exercises
leg lifts 3x1:00minutes
crunches 3x1:00minutes
Flutter kicks 3x1:00minutes
(im going to do alot more today)

Today, im going to go to my recreational center to lift with there equipment for my lower body day. and i will do more abs, 200 pushups, and hit off the tee, and my shouldert stuff.

Sorry for not posting in awhile.
It has been hard to lift lately, but yesterday i finally got my lower body workout in.
Im going to keep running, doing 200 pushups and my ab exercises, and even some pullups.
Also, in the morning i had pitching practice and i got there late so i couldnt throw but i got to do the new ab routine, and sprints.
leg extensions 4x10
calf raises 3x12
squats 3x10

I know this isnt alot but i am already searching around for a different routine which has lunges, deadlifts, and when i can go to the rec center leg presses and leg curls. (my weight bench has leg curls but it makes it very hard on my knees)

It’s been awhile, on 6/17 through 6/20 i had a tournament at the Astros spring training complex i think we could have won it but we came in 5th place i pitched 4 scoreless innings which means i still havent given up a run.
Anyways, we have a week off, so monday and tuesday me my mom and dad rode bikes on the local bike trail.(my bro was sleeping) .

  On wedenesday i did upperbody lifting with 

3x10 anterior raises and band work earlier.
3x10 bench press
3x10 bicep curls
3x10 tricep dips

On Thursday I did Lower body and i added some new exercises.Also im doing a flexibility routine when i wake up before workout/after workout before i go to bed.

3x10 leg extensions
3x10 lunges
3x10 speed squats
3x10 jump squats(im gonna replace this)
3x10 calf raises
3x10 squats

My legs felt like jello and i went to the local litle league fields to pitch i wanst hitting my spots but my legs were pretty tired. and after i did sprints from the 335 ft fence to homeplate and i would jog back and do it over again after 5 i didnt have legs anymore.

when i got home i did 200 pushups and my ab routine of:
Crunches 3x1:00
Leg Lifts 3x1:00
Planks 3x1:00
Scissor Kicks 3x30 sec.
And thats it. A pretty long post lol. I’ll post later toninght for todays workout.

Well today i did my upper body lifting. And 100 pushups. and sprints.

Also i did a little bit of weighted ball work 10 throws with the 12oz,10oz, 5oz and tennis ball from about 15 feet away. Then 5 from 45ft. then 5 from 6 feet away.

at my neighborhood park i ran sprints on the baseball field little league sized.
home to firstx5
home straight to secondx5(across mound)
home to some trees 60 yds away x5
home to pitchers mound x5.

3x10 lat raises
3x10 Anterior raises
3x10 bench press
3x10 bicep curls
3x10 tricep dips
3x8 upright rows

Tommorow im doin lowerbody. And im gonna try some plyos. And more sprints. Oh and in the morning im gonna do my core circuit to make up for todays.(Technically yesterdays)

Tell me what you guys think and if I should add more or change anything in my workout. Thanks!

Hey Guys,
Today i tried plyometrics and overall it was great but i felt pretty sore after, which prevented me from lifting (lower body). Also, I threw a quick Bullpen with my dad in which i threw 5 warmup tosses from 20 feet away with my 10oz ball. BTW with that ball im not putting any force behind it unless im 6-8 feet away, here i was justing going threw my arm action letting it roll off my fingers.
anyways, my velocity felt pretty good. My two seam moved once ugh. And im starting to figure out my c-change. Unfortunatley, i threw a curve in the dirt and it hit my dad in the thumb, its pretty swollen. Yikes!
Also, I did core work crunches 3x1:00min Leg Lifts 3x1:00min Bicicyles 2x1:00min Scissor kicks 3x30 sec Planks 3x1:00min Side Planks 3x30 sec.
For plyometrics i did the side to side hurdle hops over a cooler 3 times for 30 seconds each.
Depth Jumps 4x6
Tuck Jumps3x5(This is where i really felt sore)
I felt like I had boulder feet, i was getting about a foot off the ground. But it will only improve.
The only lifting I did was 3x5 leg extensions.
And finally i hit off of the tee starting some over/under training.

Can you guys give me some tips on staying on top of the ball. And how to get my two seam working more often, I use the grip between the narrow seams pressure on my middle finger. It only moves every 5 games i throw in . But never in bullpens.

Last thing. I pretty much know what classes im taking next year.(Sophomore)
Chemistry Honors
English 2 Honors
American History Honors
AP Computer Science
Geometry Honors

Thanks Guys!Sorry for typing so long!
P.S. My last bullpen on Thusday my max was 73mph hitting 70 alot. So with tired legs thats good I guess.

Yesterday I did my Lower body lifting.
3x10 leg extensions
3x10 Speed Squats
3x7(each leg) Lunges
3x10 Calf Raises
3x10 Squats.

I also went on a 1.5 mile walk with my mom and dog. And I did weighted ball stuff from around 8 ft away.

It turns out that I broke my Dads thumb when I threw the Curveball in the dirt. Oops.

Today or tommorow i m going to start my Cross Country Training And more sprints and Plyos.


It’s great that your working hard. Keep it up!

One thing I notice is that you do a lot of big muscle workouts. Which means you work out your pecs, legs, biceps, and triceps. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I also think you need to include rotator cuff workouts. These are vital and will make you throw harder. Also include medicine ball workouts. I would also suggest squats.

I also notice many of your bullpen session, you lack control. It doesn’t matter how much you can bench, curl, or anything like that in order to throw strikes. You need good form, “which will also make you throw harder”, and a strong body obviously. So my point is don’t think being jacked will make you throw hard by itself, albeit it does help.

Good luck, I hope you accomplish your dreams. :slight_smile:

In my upper body days the first 2 or 3 exercises i do are rotator cuff exercises.(Lat raises and anterior raises). And I make sure to stretch twice a day for about 20 minutes. And when i work my upperbody i dont use alot of weight i just dont want to neglect my body. Yesterday I did 3 sets of speed squats and 3 sets of regular squats.

During my bullpens I do tend to miss my target. Not necessarily out of the strike zone but not in the correct spot. My toughest is the low and away to a righty but im working on it. Whats weird is during games i have great control. But during bullpens I don’t seem to hit my spots like in games. I guess its my focus. Thanks for the concern. I am also working on my changeup which gets better everyday at first it moved alot but had no control but now its right where i like it. :twisted:

I had another bullpen today i threw my two seam with pressure on my index finger instead of middle. And i moved my thumb to the 4 o clock position(lefty) IT WAS GREAT! Very consistent! I’m still getting used to the new grip. my curve was great as well. It had great downward movement. And my Circle Changeup was better. I wasn’t trying to pronate as much as trying to get the sink on it. which helped it stay low and in the strike zone. My slider was 50/50 i’m probably not going to throw it any more so I don’t hurt my arm. And finally my Cutter I must be throwing it wrong bc at first it moved mostly left to right but now it drops more. I put pressure on my middle finger and supinate. That is probably the problem. I grip it just behind of the narrow seams toward the horshoe
and bring my index finger in the middle of the leather.
Ill post tommorow. Bye!

I have had a tournament in Auburndale, Florida and i threw 3 pitches to get out of a bases loaded jam. But the game got rained out, so i never got to finish the game in the 7th. And then today i had to wake up at 6 am to go to make up a game that also was rained out.

But today i only ran 1.5 miles about 10 minutes ago. I am extremely tired right now.

Hey guys, I’m back I have officially finished my summer season. I didn’t give up a single run. Which I pitched at Perfect Game tournaments. I have been on vacation at the beach for the past 2 weeks and I had alot of time to think about my goals and life.

So I am going to rededicate myself to stick to my new program everyday unless I’m dying. Also, I will get to hit (which I’m actually very good at) in the fall so I will have to keep working at that but I have realized that if I want to reach my goals, I have to be dedicated and I already know that I want it. So we will see how it goes from here.

At the beach I did some running and some body weight stuff. But mostly I rested my shoulder. Which hurt from my start just before I left. So starting tommorow I will start fresh to get ready for Highschool Season. And for my Fall season on my scout team. And I plan on shutting up all the people that overlook me because of my size.

One goal I plan on working towards is cruising upper 70’s and touching 80 mph. Also, I would like to make Varsity but Jv would be fine as well.

And the Arsenal I plan on working at is. 2/4 seam fastball, Cutter, Curveball, C-Change.

I have been lifting lately and I have a showcase tommorow with my AAU team so I will get to see how hard I throw and I will get to get seen by some colleges so it should be good. Also, on monday i have a Doctor’s Appointment and I will get weighed and see how tall I am hopefully all of the numbers are well. I’ll post tommorow to see how the Showcase goes.