Timmy L

So when Timmy wins his third straight Cy Young next year, he’ll be a shoe in for the Hall!

as long has he stays away from the weed :lol:

Well marijuana is going to get legalized anyway…

Lincecum is as likely to be Cy Young winner again as anybody.

As to the dope charge, from what I read he was speeding at the time and a state trooper smelled the odor of weed coming from the car when Timmy rolled down his window. If Timmy hadn’t been a celebrity I’d say there was an even chance that pipe and 3.3 grams of weed might have ended up over the guardrail instead of in evidence.

I wonder how many of those games he pitched while stoned on cannabis?

And marijuana is nowhere near being legalized…politicians haven’t yet decided how to judiciously divy up the proceeds of the taxes. :roll:

Tim doesn’t use.

Well, if Tim doesn’t use…he ought to get a better lawyer because he’s set to plead guilty and pay a small fine.

Now if you want to discuss whether it really matters or not, I’m all ears. Who knows we might even get to open that pissin contest thread again. But I don’t know if that would be fair picking on a defenseless twelve year old. 8)

ha, a very very very false statement right here.

How would you know? Are you close to Tim Lincecum? If so, would you mind if I talk to him?

He admitted to it, I would say that thats clear indication that he used.

He could have been holding it.

He coulda been a Martian too :wink:

Did you happen to see his Cy Young interview on the MLB channel??
He was cooked, stoned, not straight, sorta toasty, hadda buzz, was a little off kilter, was on the “Red-eye” express, was holdin alright…I thought we were gonna have a Spicolli moment…

or a Cheech and Chong session

I saw his press conference, and he looked fine to me.

Look bert your hero is human…he’s permitted a skeleton or two in his closet. There’s only one problem with this particular weakness…it might get Timmy kicked out of the major leagues someday. Maybe he and Ricky Williams could share some stories…I know of one guy right now that will sit out 100 games in the minors this year for smokin doobie. One more time and its hasta la vista baby!~~~

Dang Rules… :dj:

Dino, my name is Kevin Bertha, so if you want to refer to me by my name, please call me Kevin. Tim has made a mistake and he has said that it will not happen again. I highly doubt Tim will end up like Josh Hamilton.

Alright Kevin…as you like it.

Rastros felices a usted
Hasta que nos encontremos otra vez
Rastros felices a usted
Siga sonriendo mi viejo amigo
Quién se preocupa por las nubes cuando estamos juntos
Sólo cante una canción y piense en el tiempo soleado
Rastros felices a usted
Hasta que nos encontremos otra vez.


English would help.

I’m going to have to disagree with that. As much as I don’t think it should be illegal, or at least be decriminalized there is no way it’s becoming legal. Definately not in the states.

Kev, quit being ignorant. The guy made a mistake and is human like you and I. Let’s just hope it doesn’t ruin his career.

How am I being ignorant? Oh well, yeah, Tim did use.