Timid -vs- Aggressive

We are trying to help our 2019 LHP understand the difference between being timid -vs- aggressive on the mound. Including how he carries himself (non-verbals). On a few occasions, we have been told that he looks “scared” or “lacked confidence”, but he says he wasn’t scared and felt confident. In an effort to clearly explain the difference between timid -vs- aggressive on the mound, how would you describe each approach? Thank-you for your responses.

Walk on or off the field vs. Jog on and off the field (don’t step on a foul line…your entire season will fall to ruin!)
Working too slowly or too quickly vs. Working efficiently with no wasted time.
Anxious or uncertain vs. Calm and reserved in demeanor
Frantic vs. Poised
Head and shoulders on a swivel vs.Taking in everything without fixating on any one anything.

There are many more, but you get the idea.


Tell your son that what he projects can either boost or suppress the other team’s confidence. It’s his choice. :wink:

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Reading this, I get the impression that the question is not as simple as it appears to be. I would inquire as to the reason for the timidity, if such is the case with this pitcher. Usually there are two factors to consider: is the kid afraid of hitting the batter, or of being hit by a line-drive comebacker? The former might well be a control problem, which can be addressed and taken care of. The latter? Has he ever been hit by a comebacker, and how did it affect him? That’s a more difficult problem, and there are several ways to deal with it—including, and there’s no way of escaping this, PFP, pitcher’s fielding practice, which has not been sufficiently addressed in any level of the game other than the major leagues but which should be implemented at all levels. In either case, he should talk to his pitching coach who just might have something up his sleeve besides his arm and who could help. I would not worry about the aggressiveness part of it.

Thanks for the responses. The question really was that simple. Sometimes people tell us he looks scared or timid on the mound, but he says he doesn’t feel scared or timid. We are trying to help him manage perceptions - what is he doing that makes people think he is scared or timid? Coach Paul’s reply was spot on - he tends to work slowly when he first gets on the mound or when he is struggling. Definitely something to work on. Thanks!

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