Times for College Tryouts

I understand that every college is different depending on the coach and the division firstly but I was looking for some different answers anyway.

What are some times and measurements that college coaches look for during tryouts?

For example 60 yard dash, mile, 2 mile, and anything else coaches might time.

I am going to be trying out for a d2 team in the fall. The coach thinks I will redshirt, but I wanna do everything i can do be on the team next year.

Generals for Showcases, Tryouts, ect. are as follows.

I play college baseball, I am a pitcher, but obviously I see everything that goes on. Also I have been to numerous tryouts and showcases.

Running: Baseball scouts put great emphasis on the 60yd (180ft) sprint. This is because 60yds is the distance from second to home (scoring on a base hit). Also I have been places where coaches time a 30ft sprint to time players quickness.

Throwing: Depending of position it varies. All outfielders usually throw from right field with coaches gunning to see arm strength. Infielders will usually take groundballs from third or short and throwing across the diamond to first. Usually consists of groundballs both to front and back hand and a slow roller. Coaches also gun across the infield to test arm strength. Catchers will make throws to second with pop times (clock starts with ball hitting mitt, clock stopped with ball hitting mit of 2nd baseman) recorded.

Pitching: Pitchers with usually throw 15-30 pitches from mound with gun readings recorded.

Hitting: Sometimes coaches have pitchers scouted against live hitting or it may be a batting practice format depending on preference.

Hope this helps.

is there a specific reading that pro and college scouts look for in the 60 and 2 mile run?

I’ve never heard of scouts timing a two mile run. But I know the MLB average 60 is 6.8 or so I believe. Anything under 7 seconds is decent. Carl Crawford is 6.25ish to give you an idea.

Are pitchers subjected to a lot of the running, fielding, and hitting measurements or do they have a specialized set of tangibles that coaches measure?

I assume coaches want velocity readings, and maybe some control measurements?

The only thing they care about pitchers is MPH…they don’t care about pitchers running or fielding, just off the mound.

Here is a general reading that they are looking for in the pros:
60 yard should be under 6.9 seconds
Outfielders 88-90 mph
Infielders 86-88 mph
Pitchers 92-94 mph

It honestly depends on the type of position you are aiming for and what level of college you wish to play at.

First Tryout this Sunday August 14th at 11am. Be there by 10:30am for registration and warm up. We will start promptly at 11.