Times between pitches

Here’s a new report I’m working on as I continue making adjustments and improvements to my new program. Take a look and see if you might see any way to use that data in a way that would tell you something useful.


Maybe an average time between pitches for an out, for an inning, and a game might be useful, then having a table which has seconds between pitches/total hits/walks/K’s/runs but I am not sure you are going to find a correlation pitcher to pitcher…also way too many other things during a game impact time between pitches for these results to be quantatative and controllable.

BTW how the heck are there some #'s like 0.6 and 1.5 I could understand min being about 3-4 seconds but not these low #'s.

I’m not sure I understand the 1st one. Are you saying to list the avg time of all pitches on just outs? I can see doing that, but it would make more sense to me if it was to list say all BIPs/all non-BIPS, or all K’s, BBs, hits, outs. I wouldn’t mind doing it, but there’s so many different way to break things down it gets difficult choosing, doesn’t it? :wink:

I can understand how you might believe there might not be correlations between pitcher, or that at best it would be difficult to find because the numbers would be so small, but I really think that over time trends would be fairly easy to spot. We’ll see.

LOL! I figgered someone would notice, nice catch. Here’s how I’m scoring a game, and although I’m at home in my living room, it really is much like being at a game.

As a pitch takes place, I hit either a “B” for a ball, “C” for a called strike, “F” for a foul ball, or “M” for a swing and miss or foul tip. The other 2 things that trigger a time being computed is when someone either reaches or someone makes an out. There’s a button for each that’s triggered by the mouse, and the 1st thing that happens is, it triggers a time computation.

As long as I’m sitting there doing absolutely nothing else, I’m sure the times are less than a half second off of what actually takes place. But, ya know 3 hours is a looooong time to sit and do absolutely nothing other than keep score. Maybe I’m on the phone or talking to someone and not concentrating 100%. I still get everything done, but maybe I miss by a few or even several seconds.

Sometimes I have to get up and do something. Sometimes I take the laptop with me, but sometimes I don’t. If I don’t and there are a couple pitches, when I get back, the 1st pitch won’t be too noticeable, but the 2nd one will likely only be a quarter second, or maybe just a few seconds. I really don’t know any easy way around it because things happen.

Besides, as long as average times are being used, it really doesn’t matter. Its when I’d try to get too specific, as in what was the avg time between the last pitch and the pitch before it that there’s be problems. As long as only the average time for the entire AB were what would be looked at, or there were many many ABs in the database to smooth out the average, I don’t think the impact wouldn’t be significant.

Probably right here!

This is the kind of thing I really find interesting. I had made a post on the ASMI site about the time between pitches and mentioned that it might prove interesting to look at it from the perspective of stress. I also mentioned that I had put the ability to differentiate between called, swung and missed, and foul strikes. A post was made saying he’d heard that 50% of the time, the 1st pitch after the count reached 3-2 was a foul ball.

I was thinking about that, and thinking about what you said, and it finally dawned on me that there was something wrong with someone’s hypothesis. I started checking and it looks like what he’d been told may well be true, but then again, it looks like an extremely high percentage of pitches are fouled to begin with, so whether or not it true about the 3-2 count, chances are its not all that much different than any other count where the batter’s likely to swing.

I think its great how one thing leads to another, and I can’t wait until I actually get this thing ready to score HS games. It looks like It’ll be more than ready for fall ball which starts in about a month now. When that happens, I’ll finally be getting some data I can work with that I care about. This ML stuff is fun to mess with, but I truly don’t care what happens there because it has so little relation to HS ball.

I added something to the report you might see something in. I haven’t had the time to look at it very closely, but you’re welcome to have a gander. I put the positions of the runner on it to try to give some perspective.