Tim Wakefield

Does anyone know where I can get clips of Tim Wakefield in the bullpen throwing a knuckleball?

Every knuckleball has the same mechs so here is a video of Lance Niekro throw the same way as his uncle,father, and all knuckleballers.

Kazmir that is the most naive statement I’ve ever heard about a knuckleball. No two knuckleballers throw the exact same way. The key thing about a knuckleball is you have to use what works for YOU not throwing the exact same way as somebody else, however taking tips or experimenting with others mechanics is a great way to learn other things.

Btw: The video above is of Lance Niekro son of Joe Niekro and nephew of Phil Niekro. He was a 1B and just like Wakefield played with the knuckleball and the pitching coach decided before they cut him they should use him on the mound.

Your right. They all have the same “type” of mechanics (normally) and slow loose wind-up with barly and leg kick and they don’t stride as far as normal 90+ mph pitchers. Also Pustulio I believe the most naive thing ever said about a knuckleball is “you need to push it” which we all know is wrong.

You’ve never seen vid. of Charlie Hough, Joe Niekro or Tom Candiotti have you? Those 3 all had long strides and a lot of rotation in their hips. They don’t all have the same type of mechanics, in fact I have a pretty long stride for one too but it works for me so I do it.