Tim Wakefield-Success-Knuckle Ball Q's

How does Tim Wakefield have so much success with the knuckle ball in the MLB :?: How fast does his average :?: How consistant or big is the break/movement :?: I am considered the best knuckle baller at my school with a 50-high 50’s Knuckle Ball. I can throw it for strikes so I would say I have great control on it. I have been throwing it since I was 11yrs-12yrs old. I am now 17yrs old. My 4SFB tops out at 80-85mph. I am a junior in highschool. What are you guys opinions on the knuckleball :?: Do you think the pitch is worth it :?: Do you think it is a valueable pitch if you know how to throw it :?: I would just like to know if I should continue to throw it. I throw it very well, and nobody I know can throw it anywhere as good as I can. Does this mean the Knuckle is going extinct :?: If so why :?: Can sombody provide me with some awnsers please :?:

 Thanks, Keenan B./Wsox101 :D  :?:

The knuckleball is a last resort pitch. Wakefield was a struggling 3rd basemen so they gave him a week or 2 to learn the knuckleball or they would cut him. Its hard to control tough for umps to call thats why most people dont bother, ussually the reward for working on it isnt worth the time.