Tim Stauffer of the Padres

I was excited to catch Tim Stauffer pitch last night for the Padres.

If anyone else read the book “The Last Best League” about the Cape cod League, Stauffer was one of the main features in the book. He went to the University of Richmond and was a top five draft pick.

Anyway, it seems like he’s struggled a bit in the minors, but he filled in in an emergency role last night and only gave up one earned run in 6 innings… showed great command of his fastball.

I’d never seen him pitch before last night. In the book, they made him sound like a nice kid.

I love Tim… he went to high school about 10 min from my house and was a stud. I also read that book too and went to Cape Cod over the summer to watch some games! I think he will be great

Cool, I’m glad someone else knows about him and that book …

another guy who was a star of that book was Thomas Pauly, a pitcher from Princeton who’s now in the Reds minor leagues … I hope he gets at least a cup of coffee in the bigs too