Tim lincecums speed

Ive heard all these people comparing lincecum and nolan ryan and other power pitchers, they say how impressive his 100mph fastball is and i dont want to sound like im ripping lincecum but ive watched about 5 of lincecum’s starts and ive never seen him get over 95 ana after the first 2-3 innings hes never above 93. Im not saying hes not good cause he is better than most people will ever be but i thinnk his velo is overhyped a little IMO :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ya same here i watched his start last night and he was consistently at 93 which isnt bad but

Every stadium’s gun won’t have the same readings. Did you happen to compare him to any other pitcher for each game you saw? I bet you didn’t. Your point isn’t valid.

:roll: :roll: :roll: um actually it is valid if u read what i said ive seen about 5 of his starts 2 in san fran one in l.a. and one in i think milwaukee and all the radar guns in every game said the same thing in the first 3-4 innings he was at 95 and after that he was in the low 90’s the rest of the game so yes it is valid :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: and if u want proof go look at his profile on the team site and look at some of the games if ts after the 4th inning it wont be over 94 itll be90-93 everytime so yea actually it is valid 8)

What station were you watching the game from? I was watching on the Fox Sports Bay Area broadcast and he was consistently at 94-96. There were some 92 and 93, but he probably took a little off on those pitches.

Here are some readings from the Dodgers broadcast.

You only compared LIncecum to Lincecum. You didn’t compare him to any other pitcher, therefore, it is invalid.

It’s after the 4th inning and I see mid 90’s.

okay your right you found 3 pitches where he threw 1 or 2 mph over what i said ur rihgt and the dodgers clips proved me right btw if u look after the 4th wheres he at…94 i could go find u pics of where in the 6th and 7th hes at 91 for 8 starit fastballs

also the one in the 5th is at 95 the original post says hes not over 95 after the first 3-4 innings so whys that on there so bassically you have 2 pitches that say he threw 1 mph over wht i said wow ur points vlid :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Let me see those pics.

You said, it will be 90-93 everytime. Those are your exact words. And the pics prove you wrong. They have cips of the Milwaukee start and few other ones, but don’t show fastballs, so I can’t use those. I only used the ones with fastballs. And I"ve seen almost everyone of his starts and his velocity is just fine in the late innings.

okay i said after 3-4 innings he wont be over 95 and ill get those pics for ya

Check out the Gameday for the start against LAD. His fastball in the 6th inning was mostly 94-96. There was a 89 and 91 to Russel Martin. He fell behind 2-0 and wanted to get a strike so he took a little off.

thats what im saying hes over 95 ocassionaly but hes not consistenly at 97 for 7 innings like nolan ryan or justin verlander and people like that im not sayin he doesnt throw hard or hesd not good im just sayin he doesnt have enough gas to where he can throw 98 for 8 innings im not trying to argue with you im just trying to say that comparin him to nolan ryand and justin verland and rich harden and people always in the upper 90’s isnt fair beacuse they throw 97-100 for 7 innings while he throws 91-97 for 7 innings :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

He doesn’t hit 97 too often. He hasn’t hit 100 at all this season. Your point above is valid. Hearing people say he throws 100 is an over-exaggeration.