Tim Lincecum

Why is there so much hype about him? I know he throw high ninety’s and is only 5’11", but so does Jason Frasor, and he’s 5’11", and no one ever says anything about him?

its because of those whacky mechanics lol well atleast i think it is

yea i’m sure the mechanics has a bit to do with it. its darn fun to watch. he also put up dominate minors numbers and has shown flashes of brilliance in the majors. he has great stuff and the potential to be a top of the rotation guy. he could end up flaming out but at this point you still don’t know how he’ll turn out.

frasor on the other hand can throw hard but he’s a 30yr old reliever and spot closer with so-so career numbers. that’s probably not going to change.

Frasor has excellent mechanics.

There no more hype about LIncecum anymore. He’s had enough starts where we know who he is and what he can do.

The hype now is on Joba Chamberlain. :lol:

Yep, one day MO will pass along the rights to the closer spot to him.

Joba throws 96-100 with a sick slider and a change. I don’t know about you but, I’d say he’s pretty good!

having great stuffs doesn’t always meen you’ll be great. there is tones and tones of guys with impressive career who went out with some below average stuffs but had great knowledge of pitching and how to pitch. if you don’t know how to pitch you will fall in paterns and thats when great stuffs doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Well Joba’s getting people out, and has pretty good command so as long as there aren’t any major injuries he’s gonna end up being a great pitcher.

i was watching the game yesterday and was about to post the same question :shock:

Yeah, that’s why i thought of it, i was watching and i saw he was throwing liek 96-97 and he is never mentioned.

Lincecum is getting so much hype because he won the Golden Spikes Award last year, which is the award for the best college baseball player in the US.

Btw, Lincecum is NOT 5’11". It’s pretty much standard policy to exaggerate your height a little bit if you’re a shorter ballplayer. This guy is about 5’9".