Tim Lincecum

hey guys whats up.

I don’t know about you guys but Tim Lincecum is one of my favorites baseball players ever.

I admire him because of his size mainly. I read in an article that he is only 5’9 165lbs and he was hit over 100mph. WOW.

That just shows everyone out their that you don’t have to be over 6’0 to be a pitcher. Or to throw hard.

Who do you guys admire as pitchers and who are your favorites.

Roy Halladay. He put up amazing stats with the Jays, and his mechanics are unreal.

Greg Maddux.

Put on a clinic every time he pitched.


tom glavine was throwing batting practice out there and was frustrating hitters that just couldnt put the sweet spot on the ball he would change speed on every pitches and he had perfect control

Favorite all-time: Tom Seaver

Favorite current: Tim Lincecum

Others I admire (mostly because I like their mechanics): Daniel Bard, Edinson Volquez, Roy Oswalt, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan

Well I have a tendency to admire my own kind.

Right now even though Wakefield has been around a lot longer Dickey has really been showing how to pitch this year. He’s been mixing speeds to well I almost have to say R.A. Dickey is my favorite current.

All time has got to be Phil Niekro, aside from his knuckler he had a wide array of pitches that he mixed in and really fooled hitters. He pitched a shutout once without using his knuckleball until the 9th inning. The man knew what he was doing out on the mound.

Well I am a red sox fan so I admire Josh Beckett (For his competitiveness and postseason ability) and Jon Lester (For his perserverance in coming back from cancer). However, one guy who I especially admire is Roy Halladay. He got sent to the big leagues, failed miserably and rebuilt himself from scratch and now is dominating. From what I’ve heard he has an amazing work ethic. And I absolutely love his pitching style: nothing fancy he just attacks hitters. Doesn’t pitch around or try and fool them he simply throws his pitch and says “Here you go, try and hit it.”

hes amazing. imaging if he was 6ft 6. his stride if 129% of his height. 40% more thaN MOST.

favorite pitchers: randy johnson, the big train, doc gooden, tom seaver, nolan ryan, greg maddux, and tons more.

favorite lefty: steve carlton

favorite current: roy halladay