Tim lincecum

hey guys hows it going. I was wondering whether or not Tim lincecum’s pitching mechanics are good or not.

Because my mechanics are sort of the same. The difference between mine and his is that when i lift my leg it doesn’t turn as much as his. But my stride is 110 percent of my height. I was just wondering whether or not that this is good or not.

My arm hardly ever hurts when i do pitch. This weekend i just pitched 110 pitches and my arm felt great. I also had 10 strikeouts and went 6innings. With only 3 earned runs.

But with a long stride like 110 percent of my height. Is their anything wrong with that. Majority of the time my pitches are the same. but sometimes i am inconsistent. I just think that the longer the stride the more velocity on your pitches.

I may be wrong but isnt 110 pitches in 6 innings a liitle bit too much

A long stride is great… 100% of your height is the goal; anything above that is gravy as long as your timing remains intact.

And 110 pitches is too much only if your body is not conditioned to throw 110 pitches per outing. You can’t throw 40-50 pitch bullpens and expect to throw 110 pitches effectively on a regular basis. If you practice throwing 110 pitches on a regular basis, you are fit to pitch 110 pitches in a ball game.

no like i pitched 100 pitches during a game. Thats all you can throw in the weekend. The only reason i pitched that in 6 innings was because because the first inning i threw like 38 pitches.
I only allowed 2 runs. I also had 3 strikeouts. For the next 5 innings was based on 62 pitches. Which equals just about 13 pitches per inning. I just really screwed up on the first inning. First game of the whole season. got a little nervous lol

There is some debate to this topic but I believe Tim Lincecum’s mechanics to be outstanding myself, and do my best to emulate the key points in his delivery.

The 100% stride length depends on how you achieve it. If you are just lunging with your lead leg, landing on a very bent leg, that is not what you want. I am posting a good article where they talk about lincecums mechanics and key points you can pick up, it is also a good read.


nice link