Tim Lincecum to start Sunday!

If you have MLB extra innings do yourself a favor and watch this kid pitch!

Lincecum To Start For Giants On ESPN Sunday
Posted May. 4, 2007 5:51 am by J.J. Cooper
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If you’ve wanted to see Tim Lincecum pitch but don’t live around the Bay Area, you’ll get your chance on Sunday.

The Giants announced Thursday night that Lincecum will be promoted to the big leagues to replace Russ Ortiz, who was placed on the disabled list with a sore elbow. As Baseball America correspondent Andy Baggarly explains in today’s San Jose Mercury News, the Giants called up second baseman Kevin Fransden to replace Ortiz on the roster. They’ll make another roster to move to add Lincecum to the roster before Sunday.

The callup to the majors completes a rocket-like ascent for Lincecum. He spent only 62 innings in the minors, where his final minor league statistics almost defy comprehension: 6-0 with a 0.99 ERA. He allowed 26 hits and 23 walks in 63 2/3 innings while striking out 104.

His stats this season have been even more impressive. After making the jump from high Class A San Jose to Triple-A Fresno, Lincecum allowed only one run in five starts, going 4-0, 0.29 while holding opponents to a .119 batting average. He struck out 46 batters in 31 innings while walking 11.
At the time of his promotion Lincecum was third in the minors in ERA (behind Brandon Hynick and Joe Winkelsas), tied for sixth in wins, first in strikeouts, second in strikeouts per nine innings (behind Gio Gonzalez) and second in batting average against (behind Emiliano Fruto).

If you want to know more about Tim Lincecum, here’s enough background on the righthander to keep you busy until Sunday’s start.

For all the naysayers about his delivery, please try and keep an open mind.

Hey Bum! Hows Bum jr gettin along?
I’ve heard unique about his delivery and that his dad had kind of conglomerated his delivery, but what I’ve read about him has been glowing. He was what, up to #6 rated prospect in the country?

Things are going well. Bum Jr. is currently the starting SS for his JV team and batting very well. Funny how things pan out. :). How is your son doing?

Yeah, I am a huge Lincecum fan. I remember some guys over here predicting that he would break down, blah blah blah. You cannot this kids heart and determination. His dad also thought outside the box and really created his pitching motion. Good stuff indeed!

lincecum was ok, i dont like his head movement, he also got tired…97 mph to 91…

I agree that he got tired, but I think it was because he didn’t pace himself well. 96, 97, 98 the first two innnings, and then 91, 92, 93 the last three. If he were to start at 93, 94, 95, he probably could hold his velocity throughout the day. From what I understand he came out throwing harder than usual, maybe has something to do with the whole “MLB Debut” thing. I was however, very impressed with his fastball either way, its a Kerry Wood esque pitch. He didn’t throw many curves, and the ones he did throw were not strikes, so I don’t know about that. He needs to be able to get his curve over for strikes to be more effective, because from what I saw it looked like it could he a hellacious 12-6 when its on. His changeup was ok, again he didn’t throw it alot.

Overall, he had an ok debut, his command was not excellent, but that can be attributed to his unusual mechanics. He will get more accurate with his command as he gets older. He could win 12 or 13 games this year, and has the potential to be a 20 game Cy Young winner.

Yeah, I noticed the drop in velo as the game went on. Maybe if he were to cruise at 93-94, he might be able to “pitch” more.

Looked nervous to me but stuff was still pretty good. LIke Phil Hughes his 2nd start will be much better than his 1st one. Kid was on a fast track to the majors. :lol:

The thing that I saw from the get-go was his tendency to keep the ball up. I realize that many of his strikeouts were the high fast ball, but he routinely missed up. Another thing, some of the curveballs looked very close to being strikes, but few, if any, were swung at. The batters simply laid off. This will have to be overcome for him to be effective at this level.

My son (HS junior) and I have been trying to get his hips moving to plate in a similiar way to Tim. It has a tendency to cause him to miss high because the arm has a hard time catching up. My son also has a 12-6 curve that has nasty break on it, but many batters just take it. What this does is force him to be accurate with it which is difficult at times. Lately, we have actually tried to go with a softer curve that he can throw for strikes.

It will be interesting to see how Tim handles his performance, and what kind of adjustments he makes. Overall, not bad for his first trip to the Bigs. Aside from the two round trippers, pretty effective.

Lincecum looks like a very good pitcher. Looked like Vitirino (sp) jumped on a hanging CB and Howard was reading red and T.L. overthrew it. He will learn. Unfortunately his history is Collegiate ball with the absence of being able to throw inside because of the Aluminum bat and the eagerness to be nailed without a effort to keep from being hit. Baseball in the US would be so much better if the College coaches were prohibited from receiving endorsement payoff. Bring back Wood bats across the board and raise the mound 5". Believe it would bring some parity to the game and save a lot of arms. Lincecum will be fine when he starts aiming up and in, especially for the likes of the Smiling Hawaiian Pri$k crowding the plate. Looked like Like LL Umps working the game unfortunatly. Anybody wonder what J. McGraw, B Martin, T Lasorda would of done when a umpire crew is so inept? Oh well it’s only a run.

Joe Morgan also mentioned this. Unfortunately at the collegiate level inside pitches are basehits and even homeruns. When he did throw inside he came close to hitting some of the batters, Pat Burrell almost got nailed in the head. Pitching inside is huge in the majors and Pedro martinez lived on the inside for a long time. Unfortunately he will have to learn to do this at the major league level and maybe get sent back down if russ ortiz gets healthy. It was pretty obvious that he didn’t have the pinpoint control to throw inside. Ban the aluminum bat at the collegiate level.

Another thing that I noticed, is when I saw him in the cape league, his curve was 70-76 mph, slower, but had a ton of 12-6 break and was unhittable. Last night, his curve was 80-83, and had a sharper break that was easier for guys to lay off of in my oppinion. Idk if maybe his slider and curve blended together alittle bit, but his curve certainly looked better in the Cape league.

Everyone wondered if the baseball geniuses at the AAA level would change his mechanics, and guess what? They did. Big surprise.

Lincecum used to jump at the plate like he was trying to get out of an outhouse with a wasp nest in the settin’ hole. Now its more like jumping out of the shower when the wife flushes the toilet. Still more abrupt than typical ML players, but nothing like his collegiate days.

He looked like he was really pumped up for the first inning, then started to gradually relax after getting dinged for a couple runs. He had moments of brilliance, but overall it looked like he was an unseasoned and untried kid, which is exactly what he is. I think if he gets another chance this year, he’ll stick for the rest of his career. He’s a smart guy with good stuff, and he figures things out very quickly.