Tim Lincecum: starting the arm motion from behind the butt

I notcied tim lincecum has a unique arm action. He doesn’t have much of an arch in his arm action. He pretty much just hides the ball behind butt cheek, lifts his elbow, and goes directly into the high cocked (power) position. Most pitchers have an arch with the arm in the back.

Are there any other pitchers who throw similarly to lincecum in this regard? If so, who and have they been able to stay healthy?

I sorta put it in the back pocket a bit. I don’t feel comfortable long-arming it.

you ever going to post your video clip kevinbert

Well, I have some video from a few weeks ago, but it is meaningless because I have changed my mechanics again. I will try to get out and pitch as soon as the weather gets better.

I have one question. Do you want full intensity game speed video of me pitching, or one of my bullpens?

C.C. Sabathia

Correct me if I’m wrong Kevin but these are (or were) your mechanics:

I’m not seeing the back pocket thingy.

Not “long arming” it?! That’s as long armed as you can get!

Wow, Dino, that clip was from the beginning of this season. My mechanics have changed a lot since then.

And I never felt comfortable long-arming it like that. It felt awkward and slow.