Tim Lincecum mechanics?

He has great velocity, but what about his pitching mechanics?
They look…well, difrent. He goes over the top (a lot) dosen’t he?

I tried using his mechanics, i do get higher velocity and ball goes streight to home plate (before my pitches were going from right to left a bit, and i am RHP).

It would be great if Chris did frame by frame analyses of him.

Baseball is not very popular sport around here (Serbia), and i am having a hard time with pitching mechanics, and i am old (24) to start learning now (but i try anyway), but i dont need to be very good since hitters around here are bad 2 :slight_smile:


Lincecum was coached by his dad from a very early age. He was never a big guy, and dad taught him to use his entire body as a whip (I’m paraphrasing an article in the Seattle Times).

He does come over the top, and drops his pitching arm very low on the way back. It looks like he puts a lot of torque on his arm when he throws.

But I can tell you, he made whole bunches of good hitters look foolish this year. Then again, what works for him may not work for you…or maybe it will. But with a motion like his, I can’t imagine there are too many pitching coaches who can readily diagnose a fix if he develops a problem…without completely changing his mechanics.

We had a link to some video of him in a thread on here sometime a while back. Anyone remember that link???

I think it was off the MLB 06 draft site.

Looks as though he has the “intent” to throw the crap out of the ball. Both feet off the ground before foot plant. Has to have the timing perfect or it would seem as though the control would fly out the window.