Tim Lincecum and why its not as hard as it looks

Why i think Tim Lincecums style of mechanics are for me.

Because i feel i loose all power with mechanics like an average pitcher that uses momentum with out jumping and flying off the mound.

I can’t create arm speed and power with the normal mechanics I have. I can’t rotate fast and get the hips to explode.

With mechanics like tim lincecum I can:

Stay up right and not collasp body
Get rotational force like never before
Be able to rotate the hips before the shoulder
Get more downward movement on all my pitchers

SO WHAT SHOULD I DO Practice my verson of tim lincecums mechanics that i feel comfy with or keep the old ones i don’t feel good with


You seem to change your mechanics every time i come on this board.

Last Legion season, i did the same. I went game to game changing my mechanics to those that worked for major league pitchers… And while it was all fine and good (or so i thought), and seemed like it might help me, it ruined my pitching. I was so busy trying to become another pitcher (I tried Huston Street because of how he can hide the ball. Barry Zito because at the time i only had a good curveball, and a slow fastball, much like him. etc…). But i realized, with some advice from different people, that I was only hurting myself. Constantly changing things (especially when it comes to your rhythm, timing, and vision. Not just small things like getting the hips foward, which just takes repetition) was making it impossible for me to get any sort of consistency, which is something that is all too important in pitching. I believe Mr. Ellis has said somewhere on the site that the best mechanics are those that we are comfortable with and can be repeated easily; the same every time. So with all of that in mind, i decided to just be myself on the mound and do whats comfortable. The mechanics may not be perfect, but if you can repeat whats comfortable now, it will make altering slight problems in your mechanics (hips, shoulers…) that much easier and you can be much more successful.

So, I mean, if Lincecum’s Mechanics Truly feel better and comfortable to you, and really do make you that much better, then sure, why not use them. But dont try to replicate anothers mechanics just because they have success with them. Lincecum is always able to repeat his mechanics over and over because it is whats comfortable to him. Not everyone is the same. Instead of constantly changing your mechanics completely, why dont you try to focus your efforts into making the ones that fit you naturally work?

Do what you fell more comfortable doing. But when you pick one stick with it.

Quit changing your mechanics. Sounds like a broken record on this board.

If you have the balance and strength to walk on your hands and the explosiveness and flexibility to do a standing backflip, by all means go ahead and copy Lincecum’s mechanics, because that’s what he can do.

And why did you happen to pick Lincecum as a model to copy. There are other pitchers out there with great, efficient mechanics.

I just have to agree with the guys here about all of the changing of mechanics. You really should stick with something long enough to give it a chance. Right now, I don’t believe you’re doing that.

I am for now going to keep the original mechanics.

The original mechanics feel like i don’t uses the body and I can’t get anything out of the arm and the original mechanics don’t feel natural to me no matter how I try to make them natural.

I have pitched with turnning the back to the hitter before thats nothing new. And i wouldn’t copy him 100% at all my hips probley would only open like 65* not 90* at plant.

When doing the tim lincecum mechanics I feel as though I think Less doing it and I simply get my arm to whip around at very high speeds {im guessing because I throw with my body}

The tempo for the lincecum mechanics is quick and explosive and I make less mechanical errors because I’m going to explosivly to the plate.

ALSO my pitches look harder to hit because the change-up and curveball drop straight down and the sinker I can probably get that to really sink and move. This will make my pitches more effective becuase they will jump around.

I use to pitch like kevin brown ish with turning my back to the hitter and that seammed to work really well I did pitch a 1 hitter like that. So Tim lincecums mechanics but my style wouldn’t be that hard to practice while warmming up and if I like them that much and the other mechanics I’ve been working on so hard don’t work out then maybe just maybe I should do what makes be feel explosive and comfortable.

What about, © - Stop dinking around trying to make yourself throw like a major leaguer.

You’re thinking yourself nuts. You’re getting too crazy with the concentration on little, tiny parts of the pitching mechanic. Dude. Just. Throw. The. Ball.


I GAINNED 5-10 mph on my fastball with better command


I pitched in playoffs today tryed out the tim lincecum mechanics AND WOW do i throw hard. This is a reason to stcik with theses mechanics and work on them because the OTHER MECHANICS SUCK lol.

My style of tim lincecums mechanics work very good and I have no problem at all. The only problem I HAD was the change-up i could throw it for strike or slow it down so I switched to splitter and BOOM that fixed that.


ps. I Don’t think anymore I just throw

wow thats good, i have to work on that mechanic, i dont get my hips moving forward, i have to work on that and to try to get a long stride because i think my stride is to short and i pop up my foot to quick. But keep up the good work

get a new vid RIStar

Ristar do you know how fast you throw???

No i felt if i video tapped it might mess me up thinking to much and I DIDN’t WANT THAT HAPPENING IN PLAYOFFS. I think I throw from 75-80 but idk.

ps WE WON 13-4

how do you know you gained 5-10mph. were you gunned or are you going by feel? how hard did you used to throw and how hard do you think you throw now? i only ask because it seems a bit out of the ordinary that your adjustment time was so short for your “new” mechanics.

I’m going by:

How I feel?
Hitters swings

my mom said i was throwing harder then se ever seen me throw. and also my catcher said I was throwing alot harder. SO thats why i said 5-10 mph its deff in that range.

ill take your word for it RIstar. If you threw harder, great. If you felt better, great. If you were comfortable, great. thats what these forums are about. But if it really worked for you, you need to stick with them and keep them. Dont keep changing them.

Yea RIStar if you finally found some good ones for you keep them and make them perfect.

Best of luck to you and your new mechanics. :smiley:

But could you post a vid so I can see since you said it’s not the same as his but kind of like his.

PS: I should be posting a vid of my mechanics soon if I could just figure out how to do it.

ok guys take bets on how long it will be before he changes his mechanics again. :slight_smile: just kidding. Anyway, don’t get into the habbit of trying to throw something right by a hitter. in the major leagues, anyone can hit 100mph. Learn to mix up pitches and change speeds.

Yes I’ve been changeing speeds on every pitch. I will never throw a fastball at the same speed 2 times. Also I have been changein speeds on the offspeed pitches.