Tim Lincecum and Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer, UCLA’s all time strike out leader has mechanics and stuff very similar to that of Tim Lincecum’s. He admits that he modeled his delivery off of Lincecum. So do you think he will have similar success in the big leagues? and also, do you think more people will try to emulate their mechanics?

just a thought.

He is legit, no question about it.

I know that when I started using more Lincicum-like mechanics, I got another 5 mph on my fastball in about a week.

Love Trevor Bauer, really fun guy to watch. I think he could be a successful big league pitcher.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of talking to Trevor via email. Very nice guy and has been clocked as high as 103 on a crow hop. Very good pitcher that I believe will succeed in the pro game. All the quirky stuff he does in the dug out he learned from Ron Wolforth

Wolforth had an influence, but so did Jaeger and others. Bauer is his own man and has taken from many and invented lots of his own stuff.

The teams that pass on him to draft other pitchers will regret it.

Not to many teams passed 3rd overall

D-backs got him. :bigtup:

D-Backs got him and Archie Bradley…wow.

My D’Backs future rotation looks pretty good

Looks like there will be Killer B’s in Arizona.