Tim Lincecum and Me

i wanted to know if i would copy tim lincecum mechanics, would it help me throw harder because he throws hard and he has a long stride that would help me out in my velocity, so would it help me because i dont think his mechanics is as difficult, just have to practice it.

SAMe HEA i feel 10xs more comfortable turning the back to the hitter and pitching like him. I think if I can’t get my mechanics down I might try what he does.

OO and when you do do it like him you get great hip/shoulder seperation and get arm speed and are 10x’s more explosive.

thats why im gonna try it cause when he turns his back to the hitter and then comes forward to the target hes going to come with a lot of force and i was watching a video of him and his mechanics is explosive and i think his mechanics will make me throw harder, but im just going to practice it to see what are the results.

Yes just remember Turn the back then sit into the wind-up and uncoil and stay closed at landing you will feel like your arm goes faster then ever before.

I use to pitch like kevin brown and had a sick sinker and curve but I gave that kind of pitching up for some reason. tomorrow before game when just thrwing the ball around im going to try the turnning the back and unwinding motion for fun lol.

OO and when you do do it like him you get great hip/shoulder seperation and get arm speed and are 10x’s more explosive.[/quote]

Uhh Im pretty sure just copying his mechanics wont give you his insane armspeed. Lincecum has one incredible arm, which has become so fast through training and work and other things. Not simply from the formation of his mechanics.

Correct me if im wrong though…

it’s not the same mechanics as his but my version that makes it feel good thats what we are both going to try out.

same thing ristar said, im not going to copy his same mechanics but one similar to his. But his arm doesnt do all the work for him he is also quick to the plate. watch a video of his and you will see what i mean.

this is ridiculous. you are not as flexible as lincecum, you are not as strong, you are not as tall, you are not as good as athlete, your dad isnt a rocket scientist, you dont have as live of arm. Work hard get your sorry ass in shape. his mechanics only work for him, not for you, its impossible for you to stride that long, can you even do a split?

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To bad you are blind in the whole topic we are talking about. We said take different parts of his wind-up not COPY IT ALL THE WAY. So don’t just fly in here saying stuff like that.

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seedthrower is just being overly blunt to warn you that trying to copy certain parts of another pitcher’s delivery (especially Lincecum), whose physiological make up may be completely different from yours, may lead to injury.

I would not copy Lincecum’s arm action exclusively because he throws straight over the top, where as most of you throw 3/4.

Now, incorporating his lower body action, you should be safe.

hey it doesnt hurt to try. I just want to see if i feel comfortable with SOME PARTS of his mechanics thats all and i tried it and it doesnt work for me. Just going to have to get one that i feel comfortable with and get my hips moving sooner.