Till I Collapse -My Journey to D1 Baseball and Beyond


I was catching glimpses of the game between a remodeling job I got going. The wife was supervising so I couldn’t just go on strike.

I was duly impressed. Think of how far you have come. That whole journey documented right here on LTP forums.

Not that you could have stopped yourself from this journey. It’s like riding a giant ocean wave. Takes alot of work to stay up on the surf board but man what a ride.

Your closer …he’s got to be feeling down tonight. Bad deal. Did he ever get used like that before? I would have held him back and put you in in that spot. I mean think about it. That delivery is not something any of those hitters see on even an irregular basis. You use a guy like that early and if it goes sour, where do you go from there?

So anyway Ben…super proud of your accomplishment. Best of luck going forward.


Thanks to everyone for the support!

It was definitely a bummer losing after getting that far. I certainly didn’t have my best stuff today, assuming the tv readings are right. Breaking ball was non-existent in the bullpen after being quite good (mid to upper 70s at times) several days prior. Despite not being sharp, I still should have gotten out of that inning no harm done, striking out the side. I had no business throwing breaking balls in that situation, down 3 runs in the 9th when nobody had sniffed a fastball all inning. It’s all a learning experience though. This tourney has been a great rehearsal for the next step, which is the South Carolina Regional!

First time UMD has made the NCAA tournament in 43 years. Pretty special. The overall goals are still intact. We may be upset about how we finished the tournament, but we know that it’s not over yet.

As for how our pitchers were used…we are used to being misused and mis-handled. Nothing new there. Our closer has been given about 30 seconds to get hot at times (as he was in this particular game). I’m not going to get into it but the end of the season is close enough that I figure I can post these thoughts here and it shouldn’t come back to bite me in the rear end.

While I’m extremely eager to finish our playoff run, I’m also equally as excited to move on from certain individuals that make playing loose and relaxed a real struggle!



This is completely retarded and should be unacceptable. I can understand (not condone) the starting pitcher throwing 100+ pitches. But not giving a relief pitcher warm up time means a coach doesnt understand pitching, or is completely unorganized, or is just a jock strap without brains . It not hard to say he go warm up lightly , stay loose Im not sure I need you, but I might.


There is an observation that has been made in the management circles called the Peter Principle:

The end result is:

It’s one of the reasons I shunned promotion of any kind within my agency. I was a really good detective…I could have made an average supervisor and probably a piss poor administrator.

No difference in the realm of baseball. You see it all the time.


The truth is that the Peter Principle has applications in all business and baseball certainly


I hadn’t heard of the Peter Principle before…definitely applies to baseball and management in general.

Once our coach found his bullpen guys (I was lucky enough to be one of the 3) he has almost exclusively stuck with us and in progressively more difficult situations - less warmup time, longer outings, bringing guys in earlier in the game, bases loaded, getting hot back to back to back days, etc.

Not that this is a bad thing, I actually think it makes some sense. What doesn’t make sense is doing this and then after the guy has one bad outing totally abandoning ship and losing trust in the guy. It seems like some guys are immune to this (they can have a bad outing with several walks and still be “the guy” but others who are on a shorter leash for whatever reason may go 3-0 on a hitter and it’s like the end of the world).

Again, I’ve been lucky enough to have made that top 3 bullpen role up to this point, but it’s difficult to function (and all of our pitchers agree on this) when you know that if you go 2-0 on a hitter a clipboard will be thrown and/or the next pitcher behind you will be hastily told to “get hot fast, this is his last batter if he walks him.” In my experience guys play a little looser and with a little more swagger when a coach shows trust and faith in his pitchers (to a reasonable extent) and reacts cooly and calmly to adverse situations, rather than freaking out and transferring that nervous energy to his pitching staff.

We took game one of the regional against Old Dominion. They were no slouch of a team. Their top lefty bullpen arm was sitting 94 against us from a low 3/4 arm slot. We won in the 9th as they gifted us a walk and two hit by pitches.

South Carolina tonight at 7pm on ESPNU. Winner of this game advances to the final, while the loser needs to play one more game in the losers bracket to advance, and then beat the winner twice in the championship. In essence this is a must-win game. If we have a close game in the 6th or 7th and our starter has thrown a lot of pitches, expect me to get the call for at least a lefty or two.

Their game last night was a sellout - looked like 10,000+ fans. Should be an electric environment to play in. I will be focusing on staying calm and relaxed and just sticking to my pre-pitch routine. My body isn’t feeling great but it’s time to grind it out and pitch through some fatigue and soreness - this is playoff baseball baby!



Congrats on a great season. How do you think your draft prospects are going to play out?

I think the player having to deal with strange/inconsistent coaching is an endless challenge. As the old saying goes baseball is a game of failure. Many coaches have issues with not being able to control that sole truth. A couple of things I have observed, generally, a hitter or fielder will get many more opportunities after bad games than pitchers. You can hear hitters all the time being told “good approach” ect after bad games. Or fielders making terrible errors and not seeing the bench. Pitchers usually are not given such lee-way.
There is a cultural component with coaches as well in my opinion. Just like in any other profession many are hypocrites. They demand a lot of things from their players (respect, honesty ect) but do not act in that same way toward their players. Baseball, in my opinion, is swamped with insecure fake tough guys. The simple ability to take ownership is sorely lacking in management (all businesses) and is no different in baseball. Coaches feel they don’t need to be accountable to their players. This is based in insecurity in my opinion.
All sports are full of manipulative wanna be George Patton types. Baseball is no different and it is a bit of a joke to me.
The thing with one guy getting used and not another…who knows? Is there a logical reason? Maybe, maybe it is his gut. Maybe he just likes one kid more than another. These men are not immune to such petty motivations.
Basically, I think most college coaches are good recruiters first and foremost.
Basically, most are jerks in my humble opinion.
Like most businesses there are good managers of people, good leaders, people with good technical knowledge, good teachers, good motivators and good and fair human beings. Most coaches (just like most managers in business) may possess one or two of those qualities. It is a rarity that a coach will possess all of them.


Interesting insights.

We knocked off South Carolina, ending their 28 game home playoff winning streak. We play in the championship game tonight at 7pm.

All signs indicate that I will be drafted in the “mid rounds” although a number of scouts have acknowledged that I might go “a little earlier or later” depending on a number of factors. I would be shocked at this point, given what I have heard (and from nearly all 30 teams) if I didn’t get drafted at all.

Regardless of what round, it will be a shot at the dream. I fully expect I will be better utilized at the next level than I have been in college this year. I’m excited to accelerate my development and start dominating professional hitters.

Made a slight tweak yesterday pre game…realized that I have been gradually getting into a habit of coming set with my feet wider apart resulting in less weight shift. I narrowed my set stance slightly to where it was earlier in the season and I was throwing bbs again…best flat ground Ive had in months, breaking ball was breaking 4 feet and change up had some nice sink on it. Lets keep that feeling and have it translate into the game tonight!



Good luck tonight.

It’s an awesome accomplishment to have a shot at such a rarified level.
You certainly have earned it the old fashioned way.
Having to deal with set backs and doubters along the way will serve you well.
You should be proud of yourself. Although, like most guys who have had to work their butts off there is not a lot of patting yourself on the back in your posts. Whoever drafts you is getting a pro.
Your attitude is great as always…ever forward!!



Logged on to LTP for the first time in a while just to say…good luck to you guys in the Super Regionals!

And this goes without saying, but I really enjoy keeping up with your pitching log. 70 pages of stories, discussions, and insight…just unheard of. The journey continues!


Congrats. Now beat Virginia


Great photo on Facebook page.

Fear the Turtle!


Pick 438 Round 15 the Chi Sox take Ben Brewster. Hard work pays.


Congrats Ben. I bet you make it to the show. I we have all learned not to bet against you.


Nice job Ben. Cant wait to see you in Chicago. Good luck, you deserve it.


Congrats on the major accomplishment Ben.

Way to stay positive and achieve your goals. Looking forward to following you in your next journey.

All the best.


December 23rd, 2007



Hard to believe it’s been six and a half years ago.


What a ride 8)

So what you prove em wrong… :lol:


Congrats Ben, good luck with your future.


Atta boy Ben!