Till I Collapse -My Journey to D1 Baseball and Beyond


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Got 1.2 innings against Virginia Tech yesterday. Came in bases loaded as usual, 1 out in the 7th inning. Got a big strikeout and a groundout to end the inning, no damage done.

Next inning was clean, 2ks a hit (left a change up a little up to their hottest hitter Zagunis).

On the year now:

12.2 IP, 4h, 4er, 5bb, 15ks, 2.84 E.R.A, .111 BA

Not sure of my velocity. I felt fatigued and sluggish on the mound, but guys said I was still throwing hard.

Looking to bounce back and have a kick ass week as we take on Georgia Tech this coming weekend.




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Keep going strong Ben.


I had another outing yesterday, just to sharpen up for the weekend. With 3 more ACC series on the season we are in a prime position to make the NCAA tournament for the first time in 45 years.

I threw a scoreless inning with 1 hit and 3ks. Nothing but fastballs. Velocity felt good.

Stats on the year: 2.57 ERA, 14.0 IP, 4ER, 5h, 5bb, 18ks



Nice line for the year. Not surprised though. We really enjoyed catching up with you the other day.

Best of luck,



We had a disappointing weekend on the road against Boston College. Not really much offense the entire weekend, and some subpar pitching performances.

I managed to do alright, going 1.1 innings, 1bb, 1h, 0er but I wasn’t particularly sharp.

One thing that appeared to play a factor in every single one of our pitchers was the transition from the bullpen mound to the game mound. Probably unintentionally, BC’s visitor bullpen is somewhat bizarre. The mound is flat, then there is a raised surface leading towards the plate (giving the illusion of throwing uphill), while the plate is sunk down about 4 inches and off-centered by about 12 inches. . It’s not terrible by itself… it’s kind of like throwing a flat ground.

The problem is that the game mound is particularly steep, maybe a couple inches higher than normal. The transition is not an easy one, and it takes a significant in-game adjustment. All our pitchers commented that they were missing high in their first innings. Our friday and saturday guys both gave up 4 spots in the first innings as BC capitalized on missed spots and elevated fastballs. Out of the bullpen, only one or two of our guys got the first batter they faced out all weekend. This is not to make excuses, but it is a legitimate factor that I feel is useful to identify, especially for pitchers that may be faced with similar situations in the future.

If you are throwing off a poor bullpen mound, be extra conscious of using your 8 warmups in game to re-adjust your release point and timing. The quicker you can adjust, the quicker you will regain your effectiveness. All of our starters did adjust within the first 3 innings, as you would expect. Most of our relievers weren’t given that luxury. Not that it would have totally changed the outcome of the weekend, but it was an interesting factor worth mentioning.

For me, this also affected my velocity. I was flying open, at least initially, and couldn’t locate as well even though I had just been spotting up and throwing extremely hard in the bullpen.

Anyway, line on the year:

ERA: 2.35, IP: 15.1, H: 6, ER: 4, BB: 6, K: 18, BA: .130

Our team got to visit Cressey Performance on saturday because of a rain-out. It was a great experience all-around, and I got to reconnect with some of their staff who I haven’t seen in a couple years. Really happy that we were able to arrange that visit.

A couple other notes:
I started taking HMB-Ca, a recovery supplement that I’ve been reading some pretty convincing research on. Look up Jacob Wilson, University of Tampa if you are curious. I’m going to take it religiously for a month and see if there is any noticeable increase in recovery. It’s supposed to minimize muscle protein catabolism, but the limited studies have been done using high volume resistance training protocols, so it’s unclear if it would aid recovery under less extreme protocols. I’m continuing to lift hard 3 days per week. Obviously avoiding certain movements in-season like heavy weighted chin-ups, ultra heavy farmer’s walks/grip work or overhead pressing. But I still train hard and heavy with what I can do.

  • I’m supplementing our team lifts with about 200 yards of heavy sled work one day a week (concentric-only is easy to recover from but helps maintain strength when you use this as a 5-minute finisher)
    -Hit 105lb dumbbells for 5 on DB bench press and 95lbsx8 on incline DB bench press last week. Not that you need a huge chest to throw hard, but I’m certainly not seeing any negatives in my flexibility or velocity at this point and I’m enjoying pushing the weight a little bit on these.
    -Hit 120lb dumbbells for 10 on ultra strict dumbbell rows at cressey’s. Slow and controlled. Like butter.


I’ve had a few outings since the last post. Have been a bit up and down, but my best performance in a while was this past wednesday.

I adjusted a little bit by remembering how my lower half felt the last time I threw 94 at Wake Forest. I realized I hadn’t been staying as loose with my lower half and “gliding” to the same extent as then…which was why I had been mostly 92 since that point.

Anyway I come in the game in the 7th with a runner on 1st, no outs and proceed to shove it down their throats. My command was great, release point very consistent especially compared to my previous outing, and I was totally overpowering guys throwing only fastballs. Ended up going 1.1 innings, 3ks, 1bb, 0h, 0r

I was 92-94 consistent (there was an 89 in there that I floated in for a strike)

Overall stats on the year: ERA: 1.83 IP: 19.2 h: 7 er: 4 bb: 7 k: 23 b/avg: .121

Now leading the team in ERA and b/avg. Hope I can hold on and keep throwing well to finish up the year heading into the playoffs.

I’m not getting exposure to the top scouting directors or cross checkers, not enough innings on friday nights when the scouts are swarming. As such, it doesn’t appear that top 10 rounds is going to happen, so I’m tempering my expectations a bit for June. If we make the playoffs though and I put up a 95 or 96 then maybe things could change.



Finished off the season with a solid outing. 90-93. I felt reasonably sharp. We now have a week off for finals before entering the ACC tournament. We ended the season on a 9-game winning streak, and will also likely make our first regional in 45 years.

Final regular season stats:

app: 20, ERA: 1.66, ip: 21.2, h: 8, er: 4, bb: 8, k: 26, b/avg: .125

I probably won’t make any all-acc teams or anything because I didn’t have enough innings pitched and was locked into a relatively important but limited role all year due to the perception that I could only be a lefty specialist with my arm slot.

I still expect us to make a legitimate run in the playoffs. We are a very very dangerous team when hot, which we are right now. Don’t be surprised to see us on TV in a couple weeks.



Just watched the Terps on TV! Great game - had 'em all the way! Jake Stinnett was bringing the heat and pitched a great game. Knocked off the number 3 team in the nation - Virginia. Keep it going!


ACC championship game vs Georgia Tech - 1PM on ESPN2 tomorrow (sunday)



Top of the 8th 1 out Bens got the call…they are down 7-4 Bens got a runner on 1st


Nice ground out into a fc


Not given mph but he looks hot


Four pitch bb


Picked the runner from catcher end of the inning 8)


Into the 9th…


88, 90, 90, 88, 80, 89 K! Outside corner got him lookin

89, 88, 72, 71, 89 k swinging baby on an elevator after some sweeping funk

90, 72, 89, 74. (Announcers talkin about how hard he is on lefties) 72 threw behind the batter :shock: 91, hbp (Ga Tech served the same an inning ago)

90, 89, gaper double run scored…Gonzalez (the guy who doubled) has 3 doubles today.

The guy hit a good pitch…

He got hit with 2 runs in 1 1/3 as his relief allowed that guy who doubled to score.

Proud of the effort Ben!


Watching the game as well. Fun watching you throw! Announcers really liked you! Haha. Nice job, tough luck tho. Velo according to TV, 88 to 90 peaking 91. Nice job!