Till I Collapse -My Journey to D1 Baseball and Beyond


Brent Strom talked about trying to stay on the heel to gain velocity. According to him, as long as you are on your heel, you are engaging your hamstrings and glutes. Once you make the transition to the forefoot, you become quad dominant.


The day has come.

I worked that last 7 years of my life for this milestone, which was totally unexpected today.

Yesterday I threw an inning, 1k, 0bb, 0h and earned the save. I sat 90-93 and retired all hitters using all fastballs.

Today, going into the start of the game, my arm was HANGING. I had thrown too much in the bullpen on Saturday. I only lobbed the ball a bit before the game, and didn’t anticipate pitching today.

Well, the time came in the 7th inning, as our pitcher began to struggle in a close game. I got on the bump in the bullpen and started getting loose. About 5 pitches in, I popped a fastball that just felt ungodly fast. There was a crack I haven’t ever heard before from the mitt. I looked around - did anyone else see that? My arm was electric, the balls were jumping out of my hand. For the time being, I didn’t feel any of the soreness in my arm.

I was using my lower half to drive more than usual, and I was keeping my arm looser and limper than usual because it was so fatigued and sore.

I got into the game and after two pitches got us out of the 7th inning jam. The 8th inning was all mine. 3 up 3 down, all 2-seam fastballs save one change up. The swings I was getting were stupid. The ball was exploding out of my hand. I was literally throwing like a wild banshee, slinging my body and arm at the plate with everything I had. 2 strikeouts and a ground ball later, the inning was over.

After the game I am informed of my velocity by our managers who man the radar gun aside the scouts at every game:

“Hey Brew, do you realize you hit 95 today?”

Me: “Um, what?”

“You were 92-94, and touched 95, we couldn’t believe it”

Me: “You’re lying”

I was actually shown up though by our next lefty reliever who pitched the 9th, typically 91-94 out of the pen, but 93-96 today. Cool. Our friday starter sat 93-94 and touched 95 yesterday while striking out 11 in 8 inning of 1 hit ball. Furthermore, Bryant U had a sophomore reliever come in and chuck 94-97 for an inning on Saturday. So all in all, this milestone for me was pretty obscured by some serious february cheese. Then again mine were 2-seam coming sidearm from the left side.

There were over 25 scouts at the game yesterday for these guys, but still about 10 there today.

Keeping focused and staying hungry. Optimistic and feeling good. I need to start using my slider more, but today I just stuck to the 2 seam. It won’t be long before I am tested agains the best - Florida State in 2 weeks.


(According to Paul Nyman, what I have just done was supposed to be impossible….)


nope, the velocity has never been this high consistently. Not even close.


I saw when those comments were made…

I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with this site and you Ben.


Way to go Ben. I want to thank you for letting us follow your journey vicariously.

I think that internship at Cressey Performance will have to wait a few years. :ole:


Congrats Ben!

It’s been a helluva journey for you keep it going!


Thanks Wales, JD and Slew. It means a lot that you guys have been following me through this whole journey.

I logged another clean outing vs. Umass this weekend. 1 IP with 2ks and no hits, walks or runs. Sat comfortably 90-92. There were 3 scouts there who came to see me, paying little interest in other pitchers, video taping me, gunning me and leaving right after my outing was over. That’s a first.

Florida State this weekend.



Pretty exciting Lefty.
Keep working hard


I’m targeting the Saturday game Ben, hope you get an opportunity…see you there at 2…FSU looking formidable so eyeballs will be there…Mine included, I hope I can get some vid. 8)


Brewster, B. 0.1 1 2 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 3 1 0 13

I’ll be there Sunday in hopes you’ll have another opportunity…stay focused Ben!


Looking at the play by play, that was a tight spot to be placed in against the #2 ranked team in the nation. Even if you are perfect, bad crap can happen. Hey, you just got on the bump at Dick Howser Stadium ! Way too cool !


Thanks for following!

Yeah it wasn’t a great outing, but I beat myself. Wasn’t able to stay as focused as I normally do, or command the zone like usual. No room to make excuses, but if you fall behind these hitters they will make you pay! Tough atmosphere to play in, but I better get used to it. The bottom line is if I just work ahead hitters (which I didn’t last night), it doesn’t matter who we’re playing.

Came in and drilled a guy, got a fly out and then gave up a double to right after falling behind one of their best guys. From there it all unfolded in the rest of our bullpen. I was the stopper and didn’t get it done. We brought in some younger guys in the 8th to pitch and it really got out of hand.

Looking forward to another shot soon. I really need to redouble my efforts at staying calm, focused and sticking to the mental game in this ballpark.


That’s where preparation and repetition serves it’s purpose. When you get called on in situations like that your mind immediately senses the small wiggle room you have to work with and adrenaline starts getting pumped into the system.

This is a good thing for the most part but when you feel that tunnel vision coming on…you have to have cues to get yourself stabilized to where you are controlling your reaction and not being overwhelmed by it.

I’m speaking only from experience with situations that can get you killed or hurt. What I mean to say is the next time you are up which may be today or next week, you are more prepared because you have that experience to draw from even if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. It was a BIG positive none the less.

Because of these experiences - your entire life will be enhanced.


Got some pics I’ll drop…proof of our man at Howser…
Longest tosses of all in pre-game…sailed the RF wall from the left field line :lol: :lol: 8)

Unfortunately the baseball Gods prescribed an epic shutout beat down as payment for the Terps win yesterday and Ben didn’t even get to warm up…

Beautiful day…FSU played and pitched like #2 in the nation…
I’ll post the pics a bit later







Eh, I don’t know about an epic beat down! Our sunday starter hasn’t ever consistently been able to throw strikes, and it showed in that one abysmal inning. It was otherwise a pretty close game. They threw strikes, we didn’t.

It just goes to show that pitchability is often times the most important factor. Their guy spotted up 86-88 with a good slider that he commanded very well.

Our guy is 91-94 with spotty command of two pitches and completely lost it in the 4th.

Thanks for coming, JD. Too bad you didn’t get to see me pitch :shock:

Cool pics too - I wish you had snagged some video of the pulldown throws!

For those of you wondering about the video - this is a drill I work on in my throwing. You can call it a separation drill, as it helps that, or a hip drive drill, as it works on that too. Whatever you want to call it, it helps cement in good mechanical habits for me.

I do this for a few reps at max effort in the bullpen prior to beginning my warm up pitches - I’d guess that the velo is about the same as from my regular motion - low 90s at least.

And before anyone sees the picture and yells “INVERTED W” make sure to watch the video and see that in relation to my torso lean, there is no inversion. Also, notice that at landing there is full separation between hip and shoulder, and that this separation was achieved with an explosive ride of the hip out into landing. This was a 50% lob out to 180 or 200 feet. We were eventually tossing balls to/ off the wall, and buzzing them in at 80 or 90 yards on a line in pulldown throws. My throwing partner here is our closer - 91-94 with a hammer curve.