Till I Collapse -My Journey to D1 Baseball and Beyond


Max DB Pushups /set: 33

Had outside practice today, was almost 60 degrees. Perfect day to play baseball. We did more throwing than I needed, even after one day off. My arm felt very fatigued, and the coach made us do long toss. Mild soreness now as I write this. I wasn’t staying closed well at all, I could feel it, but couldn’t do anything about it. Very frustrating. I have my first one-on-one lesson with him tomorrow, so I will see if he can fix it for me. He claims that counter-rotating is the cause for my flying open…any thoughts??? He is also a believer in keeping your elbow high. Uh-oh, this could be a problem…

I’m gonna go along with what he says for the lesson, and if any of it is completely ludicrous I will politely point him to some articles that show a different point of view. I’m pretty sure I know all of my problems and what I need to work on, based on the advice given on this forum, but I’ll see what he has me doing tomorrow. Gonna keep an open mind unless I have concrete evidence that it’s detrimental to my pitching career.

Later, I did abs/hips, scapula and forearm routines. I didn’t have time for plyometrics, it got dark too fast. I’m annoyed, i’ve missed two straight plyo routines…ugh…

Anyway, if I can fix this elusive problem of staying closed I think everything will fall into place nicely. Just so damn frustrating for the moment…

Thanks for reading, will post again soon


You’re having team practices?


We’re only allowed three hours of practice a week as a team at this point until the season officially starts late February. Workouts don’t count towards this limit.


When do you start Maineball?

We start 8hour weeks next week


what do you do for your hip/scapular routine of your workout?


Well its really an Ab/hip routine (they go together), and a scapula routine by itself. The ab/hip routine is any two of my ab exercises from my workout on page 1, followed by supermans or any back stab. exercise. Then Dusty Delso’s ab/hip routine with ankle weights and light dumbbells, then 2 more ab exercises and another back exercises. For example, I might do:

20 V-Ups w/ ankle weights
2 min bridge
Hip Routine w/ 5 lb ankle weights + 5 lb dumbbells
Medball twists, 100 reps
Bicycles, 80 reps

Should take about 15-20 minutes, and until you start to get in good condition it will make you quite sore for the next couple days

Scap routine is almost directly out of tuffcuff.

I do 2 sets of:
Wall sit, ABC
for this you sit on the floor back flush against a wall. Extend your arms at a downward angle touching the wall palms facing out, shoulder blades squeezed together. Press into the wall using your back and shoulder muscles. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Then do the same thing with arms horizontal, and then with elbows horizontal but forearms in the field goal position.
Scapular Pushup (tuffcuff might call it something different)
Pushups position, keep arms locked, lowr yourself about 3-4 inches without bending your elbows, and press back up. 10 reps
10 stick-ups

hope this helped.



Went to pitching instructor, read about it on the thread “can flying open be a result of reverse rotation?” under mechanics section. Today was an off-day from working out


Rested my arm today, it is still noticeably sore. My next pitching session is saturday, followed by a practice on sunday and a lesson on monday. I’ll be fine if I take it easy.

Best workout I’ve had in quite some time today. Went for a nice set of 8 100m sprints on the track, jogging the turns, sprinting the straightaways for 1 mile. Felt GREAT, none of my teammates wanted to join in with me, some complained and said they were out of shape or felt sick. About 20 minutes total of running. Short, but effective. I’m going to start my XC training over the summer and mix in my 6-7 mile runs with the sprints.
Got in the weight room, banged out a beastly set of abs, then went on to leg routine. Started with 20-rep squats, I added more weight this time, but still about 10 lbs short of what I know I can do. 25’s on each side for now, a good challenge nonetheless. I went in to deadlifts, now that my form has been corrected (I believe, I’ll take video for you to check). I started at 140lb, worked up to 5 reps at 190lb. I felt like I could go higher, my 5RM is probably around 200 or 210, I’ll go there next time. Rest of my leg workout was great, my quads and hammys were fried by the end. Upper body routine was average, and shoulder routine was average as well. I didn’t get a chance to do a max set of pushups today, but I did two sets of 20 DB pushups. Body feels great, minus perhaps my throwing shoulder, which I’m sure will recover in a day or two. I’m eating more, and I’m feeling strong. As always, mechanics are my weak link, but I assure you I will be relentless in my pursuit. At least I have identified my weakness, which is the first step to fixing it. In the words of eminem, you gotta “get that motivation, to not give up, and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse.”

Thanks for reading, as always


Max DB pushups /set: 33

Not much time to write this, too much homework. Today I worked out with my team, still taking time off to rest my sore arm. Workout felt way too easy, the rest of the team is really out of shape and I want to push myself. I will have a lot of homework until the middle of next week, so expect short entries except on weekends. I’ve been reading Steven’s new pitching tips books and they are excellent, anybody else get a copy yet? I highly recommend it.


Max DB Pushups /set: 29

Pretty much an off day all around. Rested my arm, may try light toss tomorrow to get ready for the weekend pitching workout and monday lesson. Worked about 5-10 min in spare time (lots of homework) on mechanics, and focused on bringing my body to my glove hand, and making sure it stabilized around my right pec area. Felt good, but as we all know by now, dry throwing means nothing, we need to see this stuff on video at full speed with a ball :). I might try to video tape my pitching workout on saturday. I really can’t justify not implementing the coach’s other mechanical suggestions unless I begin to produce results. This means that I better figure out this staying closed thing soon so the coach doesn’t put pressure on me to make his other changes. He recognizes me as the one player on the team who works hard, and I don’t want that view to change into one of me being uncoachable. I need him to know that I respect his suggestions, but if he asks me why I’m not doing some of them, I need to be able to justify every decision. This will be tricky, but I think I can pull it off. The coach is a good guy, it’s doable.

I’m doing a long workout tomorrow, and possibly some light toss, so I’m pumped for an opportunity to work on my mechanics. My arm is getting better, I just need to make sure I don’t overdo it again with too much throwing too soon. No more 4 day recovery periods. I shouldn’t have to go more than two days in a row without throwing. Ever.
I’ll keep you guys posted
Thanks for reading


Too much homework!!!

Today I took off from throwing again, but will get right back into it tomorrow. I worked about 10 min on dry mechanics. Medium length workout today, staying fresh for a morning workout tomorrow. Worked my legs, forearms shoulder and a lot of sprints, including 2 200m sprints. I feel good, need to start throwing again, my arm feels fully recovered. Sorry for the short posts, they will pick up again soon.
Thanks for reading


Hey all,
I feel like I’ve been away forever, and I guess I have. I don’t really remember where I left off so Ill just go from the weekend through today.
I don’t fully remember all the details so bear with me.

Saturday: 1-12-08

I went to a summer team tryout today. I’m trying out for a 16U Highly competitive showcase team, but the coach was helping out at an 18U practice for another team, so he told me to come along anyway so he could look at me. My arm at that point felt okay, after about 5 days off. Did some long toss with the 18U varsity guys, arm felt fine, went down and worked with the outfielders on drills, then did some soft toss. After, I did a short bullpen, maybe around 25 pitches. I don’t think I warmed up well enough. Anyway, I was throwing pretty well, but I think I may have been rushing, because it didn’t feel like my arm was getting up in time. Either way, the showcase team’s coach seemed to like what he saw, and said I could come to his team’s practice on sunday. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Later on saturday, I went to my school team’s pitcher’s workout, where my coach trys to teach 8 or 9 pitchers about mechanics. Luckily, we are not at the throwing phase of his lessons yet, and my arm was saved. It didn’t feel too good at that point. I got home and did sprints or something, shoulder routine too I think. I dont remember. A lot of arm circles and some advil. I even iced for 20 minutes later. I was scheduled to have two more practices the next day, and needed to be fresh.

Sunday: 1-13-08

Mid -afternoon, had a team practice. Luckily, we barely threw at all, and my arm was feeling pretty good. We focused mostly on hitting, and my swing was looking average. I’m not gonna win any awards for hitting, but I think I can pull off a .250 or .300 BA and plenty of doubles and SBs this year. Remember, its B conference varsity, so the competition isnt great. The talent level varies a ton. Anyway, hitting took up most of practice, I ran sprints on my own afterwards, don’t remember what else.

Later that day, I went to the 16U practice. The facility was nearly an hour away. There were about 4 other coaches there. The kids were all about my age, maybe a little older, cuz I just turned 16. A lot of them had beards or were 6’3" but that’s ok. I watched some of those guys pitch and a couple of them were topping out in the low 80s, but for the most part, I was about the same velocity as the rest of the pitchers on the team. Furthermore, they were looking for a lefty pitcher, so I think this might be a match. surprisingly, I had better control than many of the other pitchers, and my “slurve” or “curveball from a low arm slot” was working quite well.
The coaches pretty much told me the one thing to work on was getting my elbow up. Hmm…

My arm felt decent afterwards, and I got plenty of swings in the rest of practice. As far as hitting goes, those kids were beasts. I couldn’t really hope to contribute to the team hitting wise. They were (and are) stacked. Still, I love being challenged, and this atmosphere is probably the best place for me to play in. Some of the guys said the team played in the fall and beat some community college teams, lol. I think my pitching would drastically improve on this team, and I would have incredible competition, while being exposed to college coaches from across the country. Definitely high up on my list of choices.

Monday, 1-14-08

Pitching Lesson today. The instructor lightened up on his advice and just told me to focus on getting my arm up and work on not counter-rotating. I did what he said (at least leg action), and incredibly, my accuracy shot up to about 70-80% or more strikes, from about 50%. I was throwing about 75% intensity, so I don’t now what effect the leg action has on my velocity, but it seemed about the same. Only concern is that my elbow was slightly sore afterwards. Anyway, seeing as how my control skyrocketed after the leg action change, I’m considering keeping it. It simplified my motion, and miraculously my control improved instantly. I still don’t know about velocity though, I will get gunned soon. In addition, he is teaching me an abbreviated stretch motion, knee to knee, like Steven Ellis preaches, rather than a slide step. It feels pretty comfortable, so I’ll go with it for now. Worked a little on pickoff move too. Arm felt better than expected, though still the notable elbow soreness. I have two videos from the session, note that I have still not fixed my problem with staying closed, because I was not focusing on this like I would have been if throwing on my own:

Tell me what you think

Tuesday 1-15-08

Short Workout today. Did some soft toss, then abs, legs, shoulder and forearm routine. The muscles in my left hand are sore from taking 500+ swings on Sunday with a baseball bat. I should be fine. I plan to throw a bullpen on thursday, weighted ball. Arm is ever so slightly sore today, but just barely noticable. Homework load is lightening up.
Thanks for reading, I’m sure there are tons of details I forgot to include here.


wednesday, thursday, friday

Wow, I have really been neglecting my log duties, and for this I apologize. I haven’t posted since last tuesday. Here goes, I’ll do my best to remember all that has happened recently.

Wednesday, 1-16-08:

Relatively intense team workout today. My legs were pleasantly sore afterwards, and the baseball team owned the lacrosse team when we went head-to-head in hill sprints. I won 2 of the 5 sprints with 30+ people, coming in 2nd place the other 3 times to some random senior guy who plays football and was pretty fast. Took the day off from throwing.

Thursday, 1-17-08:

It snowed today. Quite frustrating, as I was planning to throw a weighted ball session or do some long toss. I ended up bundling up and doing some light toss with my bro for 10 minutes. Arm was still fresh. I think I did my shoulder routine too.

Friday, 1-18-08:

Arranged to meet at the school gym with one of my teammates for a morning workout. We threw at about 100 feet for maybe 20 minutes, and my arm felt good. Worked on ground balls a bit, then went to the batting cage and did some tee work and soft toss. Finally, we worked out in the weightroom, but my teammate was my ride home and 45 minutes was all he was willing to spend working out. Of course, he’s your typical spend-30-minutes-doing-5-sets-of-bench-press-with-too-much-weight type of guy, so although he thought he got a good workout in, he really wasn’t doing much of anything. I did a great leg workout, and I’m up to 115lbs on my 20-rep squats. I know I can do 120lb next time if I push myself. My 5RM is somewhere around 175 lbs (full squats). I did a good set of abs and upper body as well. Shoulder routine when I got home. I’ve been getting my post-workout nutrition in lately, so I hope to see a couple pounds of muscle in the next month or so.

Later, I worked a little bit on my mechanics inside. I set up a net in my living room (don’t try this at home!) and threw about 40-50% intensity working on keeping my front glove from flying open and firming up my landing leg. I have a video if anybody cares to watch. Tell me what you think. My arm felt pretty good.


Saturday, 1-19-08:

Average day, we had a team workout at 10 AM. Typical stuff, sprints, abs, agility, some RC work and medball. We were probably worked a little harder than we should have been prior to a long practice, but it worked out in the end.

Pitchers met at 12:30 PM for practice. We did a bunch of pointless drills IMO, and we never even got to throw from a mound. Coach made us kneel, stop at the power position, and then throw to a partner 10 feet away. It’s clear he doesn’t understand that fluidity is important, and its possible his drills are disrupting rather than improving mechanics. Also, rather than seeing what each pitcher needs to work on, he assumes we need to work on everything, and I’m trying my best not to let it mess me up. Unfortunately, that’s what I think all his drills are doing to some people, who can’t consistently hit the strike zone from 30 feet away. Anyway, we eventually did some flat ground throwing on a slippery gym floor, and while the coach told us to throw 100% intensity I knew he had seen my stuff before and I tried to save my arm a little bit, throwing about 70%. My accuracy was not as good as from a mound, but more accurate than the rest of the guys on the team. I still have a ton of work to do though, to throw all my pitches for strikes 70% of the time consistently.

We then worked on hitting a little bit, and finished with some long toss in the gym. The coach had us do some tubing work, and I appreciate his intent, but he was telling the guys to do like 4 or 5 reps of each exercise with super light resistance tubing. I kind of wanted to say something but I decided to keep my mouth shut. If anyone asks my opinion I’ll give it but I don’t want to have any confrontations with the coach. Anyway, my arm felt about 90% so I was pretty happy. Not too much progress in terms of pitching or hitting, but I got to throw and had a good workout in the morning.

Sunday, 1-20-08:

VERY busy day today, and possibly the biggest news I’ve had in quite a while. Be patient, I’ll get to it later in the post.

The day started off at 2pm with a 16U metro tryout. I was expecting a big step down from the showcase team, and it did not disappoint. The competition was abysmal (meaning I was one of the better hitters, which should never be the case, cuz I suck at hitting). The rest of the guys seemed half-asleep, and I burned them all in suicides to my dismay. The coaching did not seem to have much depth, although one of the coaches gave me some tips for my pickoff move which I’ll take into consideration. All in all, the team was far from great competition, but if I played on it I would get a ton of playing time. Poor coaching may prevent me from reaching my potential, but I have not completely rejected the team yet, I’m leaving my options open. Unfortunately, the coach had me throw a 30 pitch bullpen at high intensity. He didn’t really give me any input, although he noted that I would be a good addition to the team. My control was good, maybe 20-25 strikes out of the 30 pitches, and my change-up was accurate. My curveball still has bite but not good control. Anyway, I left practice with a tired arm. No pain, but some mild soreness. I normally would have called it a day at that point.

4 o’ clock 19U metro tryout: I wasn’t given that luxury, and had to rush over to a tryout for a 19U metro team at 4 pm. The catcher from my school team had recently made this team as a backup catcher, and he had gotten me a tryout. I found myself in a gorgeous facility with a bunch of 17-19 year olds most of whom had facial hair. This was supposed to be one of the top 19U teams in the state. I warmed up with a kid who was a junior, and who threw mid-high 80s. He said they only had 3 pitchers locked in, and that I had a good chance of making the team as a backup or relief pitcher. I told the coach my arm was tired but I would give it all I got. He wanted to see about 25 pitches. I stepped in, following a pitcher throwing low 80s, and a pitcher throwing mid 80s. Mechanics felt fairly smooth and explosive, though I was clearly opening up early. I couldn’t concentrate on that now, I need to show him my control. I took a couple from the windup and a few from the stretch, then he wanted to see my changeup and other offspeed. Change-up was very accurate, it seemed a lot slower. My curveball was wild the two times I threw it, but I think my fastball had some life to it, despite my tired arm. The coach sat down to have a meeting with me, to tell me what he thought about my chances with the team. First and foremost, while he didn’t outright tell me my velocity range from gunning me (Jugs), he did say my fastball was around 78 or 79 and my change-up was around 70 or 72. He said I needed to find a way to take a little bit more off of my change-up to make it a really devastating pitch.

He told me that he saw me primarily as a pitcher, and not as a contributing hitter to the team. I agreed, I had taken BP and was abysmal, fouling off everything, and only hitting two line drives. Granted, even if I did suddenly find my swing, i still wouldn’t be one of his top 9 hitters. He then said that every year his team took one 16 year old and tried to incorporate them some into games. He told me that he liked my potential as a pitcher, especially given that I had increased my velocity about 6 mph in about 5 months on my own, and my mechanics still left a whole lot of room for improvement. One of their locked in pitchers throws 78-81, so he didn’t think I was too far behind where I needed to be. He told me that he would look at me again next week, and if he still liked what he saw he would give me a shot on the team. I would be a relief pitcher, and I would likely get a couple innings in every few games. It would mainly be a learning experience, and give me the opportunity to play and practice with the older guys, and hopefully be one of the starting pitchers the next year. I thought it sounded like a great idea, and I would love to get the opportunity to play against such great competition as a sophomore. Hell, if I can fix my flying open I could gain 3-5 mph instantly which might even put me up in the starting rotation as the #4 or #5 guy. That would be sick. Otherwise, he’s thinking 1-3 innings every couple games when he gets an opportunity to put me in. Sounds good to me, what do you guys think?

The 16U showcase team I visited last week pretty much flat out rejected me, which I don’t quite understand because I told the coach I would only be throwing 70% intensity but I guess he didn’t know or care. He already had a starting rotation which made my job more difficult, but I thought I was as good as at least 2 or 3 of those guys. Whatever, that’s the way it goes. I emailed the coach on Monday and he still hasn’t gotten back to me yet so I’m giving up on that team. This 19U team is better anyway, and won’t be as hard on my parents in terms of convenience and economics. I really am lucky to be getting this opportunity, I’ll try to lock it in and make the most of it.

To sum up:

Bad 16U team w/ lots of playing time
Good 19U team w/ little playing time but lots of experience
-I sit in upper 70s and I know I can touch 80 but I don’t have official range yet. This is 2-3 mph better than I expected.

Thanks for reading, wow I ranted a LOT. And this entry probably made no sense because I’m so tired but reply with questions if you have any…


Monday, 1-21-08:

My arm was pretty sore today, but I had a pitching lesson at 7pm. I tried to go for a run earlier but my hands froze in the cold. Anyway, at the pitching lesson I told the instructor about my flying open and he agreed with me that it was a problem, telling me to point my elbow at the target and not swing my glove arm around, which I don’t think I was doing (see my latest video). I was throwing about 40% because of my arm, and it felt ok, but I didn’t feel a stretch in the core or anything different really. I’m still working on it and I’m confident I will fix the problem before the season starts. I did some arm circles, my shoulder routine minus the pushups, took some advil and even iced my arm for about 20 minutes. Tomorrow is an off day from throwing, Wednesday we’ll see.

Also, I don’t know who voted No, that my short term goals are not attainable, but could you please expand upon your decision? I have already shown that I can hit 80 mph, and my goal is to cruise in the 80-83 mph range by the season. I need about a 2-4 mph increase by then. I’ve gained about 6 mph since the middle-end of the summer. I’m not saying you’re wrong but what can I do differently to achieve my goals in your opinion? (whoever voted no).

Once again, I thank everyone who took the time to read this


Tuesday, 1-22-08:

Arm mildly sore today, no throwing. I had a decent workout, doing Abs, Legs, Upper Body and Shoulder Routines. Also, my friend was trying to deadlift too much weight with awful form so I told him to add some more and show him how it was done. I’m not very good at deadlifting yet, but I cranked out a rep of 250 lbs which I’m pretty happy about. I feel like 275 is doable but definitely not over that. I’m still too scrawny :slight_smile: My legs are getting stronger, and I will bump up the weight to 120 lbs (35’s) for my 20 rep squats next workout. I now hold a ten pound weight plate out for my pistol squats as well.

I’m now faced with even more options for summer ball.
To refresh, there is a 19U team, where I would get little playing time. An awful 16U team where I would get a ton of playing time but bad competition, and now my coach told me about 2 more potential teams (this guys has some serious connections).

There is another 16U metro team, but this one would have better competition than the previous one. They also compete in tournaments (not showcase) following the metro season.

In addition, there is a “Maryland Select” showcase team in the 16U age group. They would travel all over the place like Texas and Florida and the cost would probably range around a few thousand, which might be too much of a burden for my family, but then I have about 700 saved up and I guess I can find a part time job if I need to. The competition would obviously be better than the other 16U metro’s, but probably not as good as the 19U team. Only difference would be the playing time, if I made the team. Unlike the last showcase team I looked into, this one is just forming, and there are plenty of openings. My coach described me as a 6’2’’ lefty with a good work ethic who throws 78-82 (this is before I was actually gunned, so good estimate), and he told me the coach was interested in me. So this is probably the path I will now choose to pursue, rather than the 19U team which would be great but I wouldn’t get in the innings I need.

I really need your feedback, guys, this could be the turning point in my high school baseball career.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and support.


Wednesday: Team workout, couldn’t throw at all. Won most of the hill sprints with about 50 people. Don’t remember anything else.

Thursday: Short workout, and threw + hit a little bit too. Arm felt good.

Friday: I was going for a long workout but had trouble summoning up the energy after a long week. Cardio was great, ab routine was great, and then some slight ankle discomfort destroyed my leg routine and I lost my momentum. I skipped over most of my leg routine, and my upper body routine. I threw for about 10 minutes and my arm felt okay.

Saturday, 1-26-08:

Team workout this morning, as usual. Pitcher’s practice with the team at 12:30. Largely a waste of time IMO. We did knee drills and such, pausing and making sure our elbows were up, then did some standing flat ground stuff in the gym with a slippery floor. I couldn’t even throw without a pitcher’s rubber or any traction, I was practically falling over. The coach has great intentions but he could be doing more harm than good for most people. My hitting seemed better, which isn’t saying much, and my arm felt pretty good. My pickoff move is developing nicely, and we’ve been doing some useful fielding drills in practice.

By the way, I decided not to play for the 19U team because I would rather be on a 16U team where I get more playing time. I’m currently contacting the coaches, and will tryout soon.

Finally, I experimented with trying to get more momentum in my mechanics when I got home. I posted the video in a different thread but here’s one of them again:

what do you think?
thanks, sorry this is poorly written it’s almost 1AM


Sunday, 1-27-08:

Didn’t do much today. Long toss with dad, couldn’t use momentum because ground was muddy. My arm was sore afterwards. I was in a bad mood because of this, but I convinced myself to go for a run, which I did. Later, I did my shoulder routine. Plyometrics are pretty much on hold until my pitching lessons are over because it takes too much out of me and lessons are the next day. Optimistic about new momentum mechanics, my coach and instructor really have no idea how to help me stay closed, which is a shame. I will not ever live up to my full potential by following their instruction on pitching mechanics, so once again I’m on my own. I’ll humor them at practice until I have proof that momentum helps my velocity and control, and I can demonstrate the difference between the two. Hopefully this should be in the next month, assuming things go as planned. I’m still working on staying closed, which should be easier with more momentum, as it gives me less time to mess up and keeps everything simpler. It really does feel very smooth and explosive with dry throwing, I hope it transfers to the mound.

Thanks for reading


Monday, 1-28-08:

Pitching lesson today. I knew I wouldn’t be getting much useful mechanical advice so I decided to take charge of the lesson and throw as much as possible in the 30 min timeframe. I also took the opportunity to ask him a little bit about pitching strategy. Firstly, my arm felt quite fresh. While I was throwing about 70-80%, I still felt like I would have no problem cranking it up to 80 mph. This was all without those momentum mechanics.

However, when I asked my instructor to help me “stay closed,” he told me to basically keep my weight over my back leg as long as I could, without dropping my back shoulder, and not rotate until after landing. While this approach may work in theory, I certainly didn’t stay closed (despite the instructor insisting that it looked great), because I took video and I flew open just as much as ever. Only difference was this type of throwing irritated my inner elbow and caused me to miss high just about every time. I’ll put the video up when I get a chance.

I’m still going to develop these momentum mechanics, but at least I know the slow and controlled, balance point mechanics are always there if I need them: good control, upper 70’s, and no real arm pain unless I really overthrow. I’m hoping all this momentum stuff can get me to low 80’s, better control, and no arm soreness.

I worked on my change-up during the lesson some too, and had good accuracy, though still not as good as my fastball. It has a nice down-and-in drop to it at the end, though it was only about 7 mph slower than my fastball. Instructor told me to choke the grip a little more and it dropped down closer to 10 mph slower, my estimation. My curveball was actually consistent today, I threw it about 10 times, and got bite about 8. Strikes about 4 or 5 times, and just out of the strikezone a couple times. Another month or so of work on that and maybe, just maybe I will feel comfortable throwing it in a scrimmage game.

I talked to my instructor about pitch strategy briefly, as I only had about 30 min with him total. Main thing he reinforced was that when he was a pitcher he liked to live down and away with his fastball and be able to come inside when he needed to. He told me that most change-ups should be thrown low and away, and an inside fastball is a good way to set this up. Curveballs are one of the few offspeed pitches he said could be thrown low and in. While this wasn’t exactly new information to me, it did offer a simple, basic outlook on pitching strategy, without going into complicated stuff about what to throw to what location on what pitch count. There will always be time to learn that specific stuff down the road.

When I got home I did my forearm routine, some elbow exercises and ate a banana for the mild elbow soreness. Long workout tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 1-29-08:

Threw a little bit in the gym after school. Arm felt ok, elbow a tad sore from yesterday’s lesson. Worked on change-up and curve a little bit, both working well.

Longer workout afterwards, Abs, Legs, Upper Body and shoulder. I had to skip the two-legged squats because my ankle was hurting. Overall, a good workout.

Team workout tomorrow

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 1-30-08:

Woke up with a splitting headache today. My legs were completely cramped up and I was shivering. I had a terrible fever. Went to school for first period but had to come home. Doctor thinks I have the flu. My temperature reached 103 F at one point, and I completely lost my appetite. I may have gotten in 1000 calories the entire day if I was lucky. I hope this doesn’t set me back very much.

Anyway, I missed the team workout and pretty much spent the entire day miserable and in bed. I will try to get better fast and make up all this lost work.