Till I Collapse -My Journey to D1 Baseball and Beyond


I’ve been out in Washington with Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball for about a week now, and I’m really liking the arm care and velocity development stuff they do. I began throwing again at the beginning of the week, so I’m going through the normal arm soreness/ acclimating phase. First velocity test will be in about 3 weeks if everything goes as planned.

Upper body strength is coming along. My plan right now is using an undulating periodization scheme, rotating strength, volume and power days on a 4 day upper/lower body split. For those of you wondering, it looks something like this:

Strength = A, Power = B, Volume (hypertrophy) = C
UB = upper body, LB = lower body

Week 1: UB A, LB B, UB B, LB C
Week 2: UB C, LB A, UB A, LB B

The lifts cycle in this way to allow for recovery and to provide a constantly changing stimulus. Exercises between workouts are very similar, but the set, rep and intensity schemes vary between days.

for example on dumbbell bench press:

on UB A, I’m doing 3x3 this is a max strength day where I go very heavy for a few sets (hit 111lbs on this today)

on UB B, I’m doing 8x3 + bands with 60% 1RM (week1), 65% 1RM (week 2), 70% 1RM (week 3) this is a power day done for max speed (e.g. 65lbs, 70lbs, 75lbs for speed. The band represents about 25% of your 1RM at the top) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAg8WF-0kkM&list=UUANTSXGjfXdmXzlAbELdWXw

and here’s an example of what dynamic effort squatting looks like with accommodated resistance (bands/chains) for a lower body power type day. I don’t do these, instead doing sled sprints for my lower back.

on UB C, I’m doing 5x5-8 this is a volume day where I’m taking a high percentage of my 1RM (85%) and getting as many reps as I can in 5 sets, trying to get at least 5 in every set, and adding weight if I can do more than 8.

The exercise list becomes very basic at this point, I pretty much choose my favorite rowing, pulling and lower body movements, and the focus is all on progression, not on rotating to new lifts every 4 weeks.

My lower body is stalling a bit, because I’ve had a wide range of equipment to use since I’ve been home. Not to mention I was on the road for over a week driving out to Washington. I’m doing almost exclusively sled work and plyos at the moment due to my lower back making squatting and deadlifting a bad idea. It hasn’t really bothered me in a long time, but every time I sniff moderate compressive or shear loading it gets a bit cranky.

I’m excited to get my arm back in shape and start hitting some new velo numbers. It’s going to be different having to throw indoors all winter and not being able to max long toss.

I’m cooking up some experiments with Kyle using force plates and emg muscle sensors. We are starting by measuring drive leg and landing leg ground reaction forces and looking for correlations to a number of variables (velocity, anthropometry - arm length, torso length,etc, deadlift strength, vertical jump, broad jump, lateral jump, etc)

It should be an interesting set of data when all is said and done


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Thanks for the reply Ben.


Glad to see your efforts have paid off. Don’t post around here much. Wanted to thank you for you posts and the time you take to explain your conditioning and off/in season strength programs.

Years ago is where I discovered Eric Cressey from a link you posted prob. when you were a College Fresh. That site open doors to a then coach of very talented 14 year olds who are now in there last year of HS ball and some have committed . My son a 2015 LHP has committed to a consistant top 20 JC in the attempt further himself into the land of SEC. After turning down other D1 & D2 offers so he may continue to grow and compete in a rotation at a lower level, his desire and ethic is similar to what I saw you doing back in your younger days.
We were able to locate a place locally that has a program similar to Boddys & Cressey facility. He lives there, it’s in as much that mom and I worry about him over doing it b/c his passion is so strong, but he’s seeing the fruits of his labor. Again, thank you as a parent/former coach and wish you the best with respect to your Pro career and path there after. Lanky Performance Center Member…


wow! Thanks for the kind words, it’s awesome to hear that I’ve made an impact on people even in a small way. Keep supporting your son and encouraging him to chase his dreams with a passion!

Keep in touch and let me know how he’s doing



I’m kind of weirded out by the massive change to the formatting of the site. Not really a fan and it has turned me off to updating this log as frequently. I’m in spring training with the White Sox currently. I’ll keep you all updated periodically.


It is quite different at first. But stick with it and you’ll get used to it.

Good luck with spring training!


Agree it’s been a steeper learning curve than I had anticipated. The mobile version is excellent however. Like Roger said, give it some time to get used to. Good luck at camp and keep us posted.


Good luck at camp Ben, all the best


This log is amazing! I have a young, late blooming lefty son (14yrs 5’7" 110lb), and your log is so helpful and inspiring! Thank-you for taking the time to share your journal.


I am a high school junior and this thread is amazing and inspiring , it is full of great information. Which workouts would you recommend for me (6 foot, 210 lbs, 25% body fat) for the offseason to gain velocity? And again great thread and story, best of luck with your career.


Hey ben, I was wondering if we could exchange emails or phone numbers to talk about mechanics and what you focus on.

I know you’re busy, but if you could spare some time.


Haven’t checked this log in a while, but I’m still going strong. Please feel free to contact me at Ben@treadathletics.com or follow me on twitter if you would like to continue to stay in touch with my journey and my progress.


lr; This is old news, but, great job on getting to the minors! I see your part of the White Sox Organization. If you make it to AAA (which you most likely will :smile:) you’ll be playing for the Charlotte Knights. The Knights are pretty close to where I live, so I might get the chance to see you play in the next couple of years or so. Once again, great job.


Got released from the White Sox in spring training as soon as I was “cleared” to throw again after a shoulder injury last summer. Wasn’t given the opportunity to throw live or get on the radar gun. Arm now in shape. Sitting 94 touching 95 on flat ground.

97 off the mound here I come.

Stay hungry.


Hate to hear it Ben. Been reading about your journey for the past few years. I know you have the perseverance to get back. Best wishes and hope to see you back where you belong soon!


You know your plan and path…no one will change that. Love your attitude!


Did you happen to play for the Winston-Salem Dash?



More confident than ever in my ability to get to where I know I belong.

My arm will have to explode in a million pieces before I let go. All comes down to sticking to my process, trusting in the training and learning from my mistakes.

Let’s do this.