Tightening curveball spin

I am trying to tighten up my curveball for a smaller, quicker, shaper break.
Mine right now is a big loopy slurve.
Any tips apprieciated thanks!

Good mechanics and timing will get you a good release point out front. Maintaining as close to fastball arm speed as well will also help. It will disguise the pitch by making it look a bit more like your fastball out of the hand and it will cause the pitch to break later.

You need to throw every pitch you have with the same arm motion and the same arm speed, especially if you want to avoid telegraphing your pitches. I’ve seen this happen too often—a pitcher will slow down his arm speed for some pitches, and that tells the batter what’s coming so said batter will sit on a fast ball, or a curve, or whatever. And that is the Number One no-no. I remember when I played, and we were facing a team with a starting pitcher who telegraphed his slow curve like that—he slowed down his arm speed, and he would twitch his elbow in a funny way when he was going to throw that pitch, and you can be sure we picked up on that immediately and knocked the guy out of the box again and again, usually in the third inning. And the stupid never learned! :roll: