Tighten It Up


I threw a curve in game for the first time and I was pretty consistent as far as keeping it down in the zone but it was really big. Any tips on how I can make my curve more tight in sharp?


Can you describe your current technique for throwing the curve?


Get on top of the ball and pull down

the “pull the lampshade” technique so to speak


IMHO, the “pull down” tactic encourages a “loopy” curve because it makes you do something other than throw hard. I suggest getting your hand on the outside of the ball (90 degrees of supination) before your arm starts forward and then throw it hard using fastball arm speed. Don’t do anything special like “pulling down”. Trust the grip to do it’s job.


When you mention " it was really big" do you mean the pitch had a dynamic looping travel path to the plate? If so, remember how you did that. A wide looping action to a curve ball does have a slower motion to it, but, it can be one of the hardest pitches to perceive and judge. That kind of dynamics places a lot of judgement calls on the batter to wait… and wait… and wait, then pick just the right path and spot in the balls incoming action, to swing the bat and make contact.

Try this, pitch some limited BP to your teammates and see how they react. Couple this pitch with your practice to deliver a “tight bite” curve - not a slider. See how they adjust if they can.

If you can manage these two pitches, along with others, you’re going to be one tough cookie to deal with.


I should note that not every batter is pitch to with this kind of pitch. Since your facing a different batting order every time you launch off the rubber, you’ll have to judge where in the batting order is your best opportunity to use any pitch and when. Game situations behind you that your fielders have to manage adds a lot to that equation.