Tiger bomb

Lots of baseball trainers and coaches tell their pitchers to put tiger bomb on their biceps and elbow if they feel any pain.

what are your thoughts on this?

i keep a tube of tiger balm in my bag. it works great. i generally dont use it on my arm but its sort of like icy hot with a bit more kick. after using it pain is gone after 5 minutes. it really works good on joints too, not just muscles.

Tiger Balm is a trade name - topical analgesics ( applied directly to the skin/joint) and is not to be taken orally.

This product has been around longer than I have… that’s a long time, and it’s use is wide spread for a lot of things but mainly for muscular discomfort. It contains camphor, menthol which can give it a distinctive smell, and some guys in the locker room that have just made a trip from the trainer’s table smell like a cross between a tossed salad and mint flavored popcorn. Well, I might be stretching things a bit there… but that’s my take on it.

This product is in a family of products. Some of its sister products are topical pain killers that can cool or heat the skin after application. Hence, these products contain things like menthol (like Tiger Balm) and other ingredients like eucalyptus oil – which makes the skin feel cool and/or hot. Other products like aspirin pain applications – Bengay comes to mind, contain a salicylates .

A standard for years, as a topical muscular rub and antifungal treatment for athlete’s foot has been Absorbine Jr. This product is readily available just about everywhere and is relatively inexpensive, as topical rubs go. Very few players that I’ve known have been without their small bottle of this stuff.

A word of caution though, using any of this stuff. If you have discomfort, NOT PAIN, topical applications like the ones I mentioned above can offer some relief. HOWEVER …be very aware of the potential skin irritation that may follow and even more important … your allergic reaction to some of this stuff. And even more important is using these products while taking medication for something else.

For example, if you have any history of asthma, use of an inhaler, allergy medication, blood pressure medication, cold medication, and even temporary medication after visiting the dentist … be very cautious here. And even though this stuff is over-the-counter, it’s not to be experimented with.

Youngsters especially have to be careful of applying things to their skin (body) due to the fact that their perspiration’s content of not only sweat, but also body oil. Also, hormone adjustments during the early years can be a wild card that shouldn’t be overlooked when applying any chemical or combination of chemicals to the body.

Coach B.

I personally dont like to do anything like tiger balm and stuff because if your sore or hurting its cause your body is telling you to stop and not stress your self. Just my opinion though.

I’ve used it a few times but i prefer not to use it. If i’m sore i use a frozen bag of peas or icyhot. If i feel pain or discomfort, i go to the trainer, and if he tells me to use it i will, but I like traditional ice. It’s really personal preferance

like i said in my earlier post, its great for joints. i used it regularly on my landing knee during the school season where most games were in cold and damp weather. i used it on my bicep once and it felt like there was heating pad on it.

i rub my arm down with the absorbine jr after i throw
its like liquid icy hot

my grandparents use tiger balm