Thursday pitching

I was watching some video of Roger Clemens and I think I know how to stop the lean back to second to get more forward momentum.

What I need to work on is staying up right with my body and that will fix the lean because the back will not bend like it does right now. I think I will be able to really get this down thursday start but it is going to take a couple of starts and then i will get use to no lean.

I tryed to do some pitching with no ball and i noticed that i could cut the lean out if i stayed up right.

Things I’m going to work on this game

Mechaincs: Stay up right, down ever look down when im about to lift my leg look at the target

Down and away with fast ball
Go up with 4-seam then down with big curve ball that im going to use more
Pitch in when they are good hitter to see how they react to the fastball
Bad hitters paint the outside corner because they wouldn’t be able to hit it.

im sorry I didn’t video tape. My coach said the lean didn’t look like a problem and only happened about 3 times out of 70 pitches.

In the last video does my stride look to long? my coach said im overstriding because I was falling off the mound and recoiling a little.

THe mound had something to do with that because there was a hole that I keep sliping on and couldn’t fix so I think thats why I was recoiling a little.

Not last games but the one when i had the lean back. How does my stride look? is it to long?

I don’t think your stride looked too long. I think you leaned back so much you weren’t able to lead with the front hip and create the momentum needed to carry you out over the front leg. Do those things well and you might find that your stride will actually increase.

The leaning back is nt a problem anymore. If Im not leaning back what could be the problem with the recoiling?

I think it might have been the mound because I couldn’t plant the leg correctly because the mound had a whole that I couldn’t fix.

Could the mound not being able to plant correctly be a reason why I couldn’t get the extension because it inhibited the forwarrd momentum or is it the stride I take.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see a difference between this throw and the earlier ones with respect to the collapse and lean back.

I didn’t video tape thusday but my coach said there was not alot of lean back and he thought the only thing wrong was my stride length so that was a past video of me pitching I was wondering if the stride was to long?

Your stride seemed a little too long for me, and the only reason I say that is because you threw the ball at low 3/4, and looked as if you were throwing uphill. You should shorten up a little bit, and find the place where you can maintain a higher arm angle. You look to me like your trying to get a little too much out of your stride, which could actualy take away from your forward momentum. If you try and stride further than you are able to, your hips and subsequently your shoulers open up early and you lose alot of leverage. If you head to frame 1:31, you can see what I mean. Because your back leg is bent back so far, your hips have had to open early to compensate. This opens up your shoulders to early, and you also find yourself throwing up hill because your back leg has collapsed too much.

Heres what I would reccomend doing(My ametuer oppinion afterall) Go off of a mound, and mark where you land in full windup extension. Now take that mark, and mark somewhere else 4-6 inches behind it. Now shoot for that mark, but focus on keeping your arm angle higher, and staying closed with your upper body. You will probably find you actually throw harder and with more command this way because you are getting more leverage from your hip/shoulder seperation.

Inspiration for you should be a guy like Roy Oswalt.
See in that picture how he is closed with his upper body despite a fully open lower body? See how his arm is in a good throwing position, which helps him maintain a good downward plane for the ball to travel, despite his low release point? These are things you need to work on, because you both have similar leg drives. The difference is you seem to collapse and fly open.

All in all though, tremendous drive for someone your age, its remarkable you are able to throw strikes with such an explosive lower body action.

(Edit) And also, one more thing. I see you have modeled after Roger Clemens alot, but you have his lean back wrong. He keeps his arm tilted back low, with only a minor upper body lean back. This gives the illusion that he is leaning back alot more than he really is. And I don’t think he does this for leverage, I think its more of a deception thing. Doing this allows his arm to travel on a full plane backwards, but the ball is hidden behind his back thigh, hiding it from the batter.

ok thank you that video was from 2 weeks ago im pitching sunday I have found a way to cut out the lean pretty good from that last video and im going to work on explosive hip and staying closed next game ok.

I will def video tape sunday and I also don’t like that other mound I feel like im throwing up hill and can’t get extenstion becasue the mound is in really bad shape and it’s imposible to fix.