i was wondering if its bad keeping the ball beside your back hip when your landing foot goes forward??

For example something like this:

your hands doesnt have to be high cocked from the start you could start from the bottom right???

for example like this:

Zito was not at footstrike, what do you mean? Pitching is a synchronized train of motion, if you are out of position/balance at any point within the train, your body will have to correct, which may or may not effect, location, velocity, endurance, arm health/vitality…etc. depending on the degree of correction and how often you are out of synch within your motion. All that said the power position is where I’ve always been instructed you should be at footstrike.

As long as the hand is passing through high cock when the front foot lands, that’s what matters.

ok thats what i wanted to know thanks, so let me get this straight right away that your foot lands you have to throw the ball and have your arm in high cocked, because if its like that i use to do it different i use to have my arm in high cocked before i even use landed. Probably thats why i dont increase my velocity, right???

Yes. Build momentum with the hips as well as the arm.

It is the reason timing is so critical.
XV being completely correct, I didn’t mean to give the idea that you stop and pose at the power position.