I have a question. I throw everyday for about 1-2 hours at a time full-speed could this be bad on my arm if I continue this???.

Well, are you just playing catch with someone? Long tossing? Working on a breaking ball?
The Japanese are known to throw for multiple hours prior to a game, I play catch nearly everyday with my son (Not as much now as I used to…but still) but he doesn’t throw every single throw at full juice…I suspect you don’t “throw at full speed” for that duration everyday, but how does your arm feel? If it isn’t painful or constantly sore, I’d recommend you continue to have fun…you will come to a time in your life where time may not permit you to enjoy this simple pleasure.

Well I usually just play catch. Ill work on my pitching (4-seam,2-seam,Splitter and Curve ball) while my friend catches and after I do that for maybe half hour or hour we just throw it back and forth just lobbing it with us occasionally long tossing. When I throw and pitch regular my arm doesn’t hurt but when we lob it around and I throw it back sidearm as if I were fielding the ball it hurts my arm somewhat not too bad though.

Sounds like fun…on the side arm thing I suspect your arm isn’t as used to that angle, unless it hurts intensely or for a long period, I wouldn’t be worried.

that can be good and fun, but i wouldn’t do it everyday i would do it about every 3 days even if you dont feel pressure on your shoulder you will probably start to after a period of time but what you are doing is good just not so much