Throwing with full body

I cant get the feeling of throwing with my body. I try to get more momentum but when I hit foot plant I feel like all my power is lost. Are you supposed to keep all your weight on your back foot until foot plant? Any other tips for throwing with your body?

try taking a longer stride, this get the hips going which will help you throw with ur whole body. after foot plant explode with the core.

your timing is probaly off
try rotating your hips a bit earlier before you plant
but dont rotate fully until your foot is planted

or you can twist your back leg towards home plate as soon as you plant

mes around with timeing

you can also slow down or speed up your mechanics
the movement of your arm might be off
your arm should be cocked at the time of foot plant
elbow below shoulder level

It’s common for youngsters who have not really developed their full potential - strenght wise, in proportion to their height and weight.

Hence, it not unusual to see these youngsters pushing and even slinging the ball. Also, during this motion, the body is upright with very little bending at the mid section at the end of their deliver motion.

The actual transfering of weight and momemtum to achieve the full body’s advantage with pitching a baseball is a long process because it is so different for each and every person… that GETTING THAT feeling is just that … a feeling … at the right moment in time.

Some youngsters just have it … naturally. Others, due to their physique and certain motor skills… just need a little more time.

But note here… learning this techique is NOT like showing you how to grip a baseball for say … a 4 seam fastball.

However, let me offer this advice… suppose you were to throw a baseball while standing still… and throw it as hard as you can. From the spot from which you threw it … mark the spot where the baseball landed. Now take a baseball… and go back… say 15 feet, from your orginal throwing spot … and now get a running start… and from the original spot before… come to a stop and let’er fly! Now when you mark this second spot … you’ll notice that your ball went a lot further… A LOT FURTHER. How come?

The answer is this: your running up to the spot of throwing the baseball has had all your weight and momemtum behind it… hence you transfered this momemtum and energy TO the baseball… and the proof in the pudding of this passing of energy was in the increased distance that you obtained.

When your in the windup position… if trained properly… your trying to gain this same kind of energy and momemtum like in the running example… only more compact and using a lot less space… to use your entire body trying to accomplish what the second toss did in our example above.

Just give yourself a litttle more time to grow into the sport. I’m sure with a little practice and a lot of “watch and learn” you’ll do just fine.

Coach B.