Throwing with a resistance band

I have heard that throwing with a resitance band is like overload training with a weighted baseball. How should you throw this? I usually tie it to the top of a pullup bar on squatrack and go through my motion. Is this good?

I honestly do not feel like this will benefit you in any way. There are certain quick and easy ways you can use them, and if you’ll give me a minute, I’ll find the link. If you are really looking to gain serious velocity and in little time, use dumbbells primarily. There are a lot of core and arm exercises associated with 2-45 lbs dumbells (if that much!). If anything, work out your lower half, and make sure you get some sprints in. The pitching process is an extremely violent one, especially at release. When using DBs, I always do the inhaling part slow (like lowering them down), and pushing them out violently (as you exhale). Also, sprinting is good because each pitch is kinda like a sprint in itself. Don’t settle for a resistance band motion if you’re looking to make an impact.

There is much controversy associated with weighted baseballs. Even if they boost your throwing speed for five minutes, they’re not really going to help you in the long run. Throw some long toss, its good for speed and control (and don’t throw that far away!). A little longer than a gym floor is necessary enough.

[an exercise ball is a very good investment. read about the many possibilities you can explore here, specifically Abs/Core, arms, and legs]

[in the following link, avoid all the crappy ads on the side, and take a look at the videos in the middle]

Mostly importantly though, just go play catch. Throw the ball through your victim’s glove :]

Good luck

thanks, ill add some of those to my workouts