Throwing under cover of darkness

I read in one of my pitching books that a good way to develop feel and other skills is to throw at night under the cover of darkness.

Last night, I threw 31 pitches from my yard-mound with about 26 of them hitting my target (I say “hitting my target” because I could not see if they were actually pinpoint accurate, I could only hear them hitting my home made wood strike zone box.)

What a confidence boost!

I think I was successful because I couldn’t get distracted or trip out on little things. In the dark, all you can do is pick up the ball, set and throw, your mind can’t wander cause you can’t see! I live in a desert so my balls tend to get rather dusty, my mound can get overly sandy and too dry etc. and sometimes these things bog me down. I was curious if anyone has tried throwing in the dark and can give feedback on the experience good or bad, helpful or detrimental.


Interesting … haven’t heard of this…

Well in basketball, my uncle (who is a killer coach in Erie) told me that you knew you had perfect shooting posture if you could close your eyes, stand on one foot, and shoot regularly.

Maybe this drill is for perfect pitching posture?

I think it’s something along those lines Kevin. You’ll always here different pitchers and coaches talking about “feel”. While I understand the meaning, It still seems kind of vague to me. Supposedly, throwing in the dark helps a pitcher to really “feel” what his/her body is doing. Also, not being able to fully see your target is supposed to help you really visualize in your mind’s eye the perfect pitch and I’ve read and been told that that visualization can be key to execution. Lastly, in the dark, you really need to focus in on your target. There are essentially no distractions because you can’t see them. Consequently, when you have a successful session in the dark, you then have the memory of what that absence of distraction was like when you throw in a normal session or game in the light of day or under the lights at the ballpark.

If nothing else, it built confidence for me. I mean, I threw quite a few strikes in the dark! That reassures me that I’m doing things right and making good progress.

BTW I liked your other signature. The one that said: I will frustrate you, intimidate you etc. … beat you. That was yours right ? I was throwing for the last three days thinking " screw that he’s not gonna do that to me!" One of the better signatures I’ve seen. If that indeed was yours you should consider changing it back. It help spurn me on a little bit.

Ok I’ll change it… I thought I should pay some homage to my number, too.
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